Why is my E-bike going slow? Everything to Know

An electric bike is an invention for people who uses bikes in their daily routines. Electric bikes are making the life of people easy and sustainable in this crowded and polluted world.

e-bike slow speed

Electric bikes are different from normal bikes due to various reasons. These bikes are the most demanding and selling product of this time. It is widely used for pleasure, exercise, on challenging terrains, steep hills, to move to other places, long tours in a short time, in crowded cities, etc.

But sometimes it can spoil your pleasure due to its various issue and the slow speed of an electric bike is one of them.

On one side it is making life convenient and enjoyable on the other side it’s slow speed spoiling the journey of the people. This problem can arise due to several factors. It can be due to wheels issue, motor efficiency, battery power, brake system, pedal-assist system, etc.

Riders buy electric bikes due to their high speed and efficiency for their cozy and stress-free journey but the slow speed becomes an obstacle in their cozy rides.

The speed is the main issue in the electric bike. The speed can be slow due to various factors of motors power like battery voltage, bike gearing, speed limiters, speed controller, etc.

Here are some reasons for the slow speed of the bike and the methods to enhance the speed.

electric bike is slow

Reasons for the Slower Speed of the Electric Bike:

There can be various reasons for slow e-bikes. Because everything needs some maintenance and proper care. Otherwise, things get damaged and created problem. But still, there can be other reasons too for the slow-going electric bike.

The motor and pedal-assist mode introduced in the bikes help in the long journey. Apart from these, various other components can also be the reason for slow speed.

For example, the main reason for slow speed can be due to the motor present. A faulty motor can become the of many problems because it is the main part of the body of the bike.

Know Each and Everything About the Bike:

When you purchase your bike ask for everything and every feature from the dealer and know its speed capability too. This is the right way first to judge the speed limits. Always check your bike, this will make you aware of several things about the bike.

This is the foremost reason thing which one should consider. It is very necessary because if you buy the bike and after a few days its speed becomes low then no one will be responsible for this scenario except you. Electric bicycles need to test first and then go for further procedures. Keep the knowledge of every component and its mechanics.

If you know each and everything you will be able to manage its speed limits and technical ability.

Riding on Challenging Terrains:

Sometimes the cyclists keep their speed low on challenging terrains and uphill, or in the mountains. This is due to the rough surface, if the rider moves at a higher speed on these surfaces, it will cause danger to the person.

The throttle system is available which helps pedals but does not assist at a lower speed. The pedals are used for the high speed, if your pedals are not working properly that indicates you are about the slow speed.

Apart from this, if the person is not capable enough to move with more speed due to its physical health or strength that also causes the slow speed.

It is necessary to keep checking your pedal and throttle mechanism so that you don’t face any problems on the road or during your journey. Always check once you go for the long ride. Otherwise, be ready for any mishaps that can happen your way.

The capability of Electric Motor:

The power of the motor and pedals are linked together because the motor capability is interlinked with the pedals. The power of the electric motor can be determined by the speed of the pedal and how much force you are applying to travel faster.

As above it is mentioned that the speed and the motor have a direct relation. If you have the best motors then automatically the speed of the bike will increase. But if the motor is faulty or of low capacity it will slow down your speed.

Hub motor, mid-drive motors, or motor controllers must be used in your bike. Never use a bike with a faulty motor it not only slows down the speed of the bike but also causes other problems for a bicycle.

Rewind Mechanism of the Motor:

As it is already discussed that the motors are the essential part of the bike. It is also based on the rewind system. This system is associated where the wires being connected to the armature of the motor. It is also essential for the speed of the bike.

This mechanism of the motor is very sensitive. Because the wires are whirled around it if any of the wires get disturbed due to any mishap, it will become problematic and become the factor of the slow speed.

A small error can lead you to tremendous problems.

Laws For The Higher Speed:

Indeed the laws are designed against the riders who ride at a higher speed. It is beneficial for everyone because it prevents you from harm and accidents. Like in the United States, the government has allowed a maximum speed of 750W, not more than it.

Some manufacturers fix the speed limiter on the bikes and set the speed limit on them so that you can not high the speed more than its limit. It is also helpful if you move to other places as well because every state has its laws and limitations.

It is good for the safety of you and others. If you move at high speed it will cause danger and sometimes death can happen due to accidents.

Battery Voltage:

The battery is also an essential part of electric bikes. The higher voltage battery is considered the best source for the bike. If the voltage drops or the charging becomes low it will affect the speed of the bike. Batteries and motors are the source ful components of the bike if one becomes faulty the whole mechanism of your bike will get disturbed.

These batteries also cause problems in harsh weather conditions because they cause voltage sag and become the source of many bike problems.

Tire Issue:

The relation between your tire and speed is not direct relation but it is also a factor of slow speed. If your tire does not work properly it will cause a slower speed. If there are low pressures in the tires or a problem in its tube that could be the reason for the slow speed as well.

The wide tires can also be a factor in this issue. Because it is sometimes difficult to handle wide and bulky tires, especially for the newbies. Because they are not habitual of this kind of issue.

e-bike wheel

Bike Gears on the Mid Drive Motors:

The best quality and branded electric bikes have the best components for use. The electric bikes with mid-drive motors can handle gears according to your choice. Some bikers blamed the rear wheel cogs are the problem but it is not true. Bike gearing is dependent on the motor capacity.

You can limit your speed concerning your choice and situation. The rear wheel cogs can also be a problem for the bike but not much if it is present in a lesser quantity. But if one put more cogs on the bike it will somewhat affect the speed of the bike.

Battery Low Issue:

Sometimes we observe that the bike is not moving at a higher speed even if we reach its speed limit to the higher one but still it slows down the bike. It is because of the low charging of the battery.

Some lithium batteries can create this kind of problem because the more charging was consuming or the other factor is the old battery it also cause slower speed and consumes battery quickly.

Speed Controllers Signal Problem:

Speed controllers are also the cause of slow bikes. If the resistance of the plug is hard to handle it will cause difficulty in riding and slows the motor power. For this purpose, check the signal line on the speed controller then its speed and voltage, and then handle the other issues of the bike.

If the voltage showing is lesser than its limit, it indicates that the speed is slow.

e-bike speed

Brakes Issue:

Brakes can also be the source of slow speed. If the front brakes are not used properly and not used for more time. It will become jam due to the rust and make it difficult and inflexible to use.

If the rare wheel becomes problematic this will also slow down the bike. The jam brakes are difficult to return to their original position because they become very tight. The tightness of the brakes causes harm to move properly and rubbed over each other. Hence it also reduces problems.

Rolling Resistance:

The technical and mechanical problems cause the slow speed of the electric bike. The rolling resistance of the wheel impedes the speed of the bike. And the friction which arises due to the mechanical problem and hub problem causes the speed slow and creates more friction.

More Load:

The load also affects the speed. The more load, the slower your bike will go. If you go with more weight on a journey, this will put the load on the bike other than its limit. The friction produces between the bicycle and the surface slows down the bike.

The discussed problems are the main factors for the slow speed. There can be other reasons as well but these are the top main issues which can affect the speed at any time. It is acceptable that more load, rough surfaces, and mechanical problems can be the cause of slow speed.

If it slows down check it by yourself otherwise if it creates more trouble then immediately go for the mechanics to solve this issue.

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Methods To Fasten Speed of the Bike:

There is a solution to every problem. If the speed slows down then there are also methods to enhance its speed. Here are some methods for the faster speed of your electric bicycles.

Charge Bike Before Going on Long Journey:

The chargeable battery is the cause of the faster speed. The battery present in your bike gives you faster speed if you charge it properly or it is of higher voltage. The higher voltage battery in addition to charging will give you the best outcomes.

You must charge it before going on any trip. The best way is to keep the right charger with yourself. This will helps you when it gets low and charges it at the time of difficulty. Or if it continuously created problems change it with a new battery.

High Voltage Battery:

Use the batteries of high voltage if the voltage drops change your battery to high capacity. Choose the controller for the voltage check issue. It can also happen that the controller sometimes creates an issue in indicating the accurate reading. Check the new meter it it is continuously creating problems. You can also use the battery pack to resolve this problem.

New Motor:

Change your motor with the new one which has high capacity and power. Hub motors are best in this matter because they have more cells and wires that will help in higher speeds. Swap your motor with the increasing power and capacity this will help you in solving this problem.

Slick Tires:

Use the smooth slick tires for your tour. Because the rough tires can slow down your speed. If the tires are smooth and easy to move then it will give you a faster top-rated speed. They are preferable because they possess less rolling resistance and more capability.

Pump your Bike’s Tires:

Rolling resistance is the main cause of the slow speed. To reduce this problem pump your bike’s tires. It will maintain the pressure of the bike and reduce its resistance.

As with the pump and slick tires, you can manage your speed on rough terrains and off-road surfaces.

Brake Tuning:

Brake tuning is also necessary for good speed. If the brakes are not tuned properly it will cause a slow speed. Tune your brakes by your nearer shops or if it becomes more problematic go for any expert shop.

Use of Windshields:

This thing is a way bit different but using this shield can help you from a slower speed. It helps in such ways that when you are traveling in the windy season. By using this shield you can balance yourself and can maintain your speed.

These can be easily fixed in your electric bicycle and can help you in your way.

Cool Battery:

More heat can cause the speed limits lower. Always keep it cool this will give you a high-speed and comfortable journey. The voltage drops in this matter if the battery is heated. The batteries remain cooled if they are fixed openly but if they are present inside they will keep heated. So make sure that it is heated or not check it before you go somewhere.

Hack its Setting:

It is necessary to hack the system of the bike so that you can change the setting of the bike and make it faster. Because its limit is fixed while manufacturing the bike. The speed of the bike depends on the tire rotations. The first step is to alter this setting to more rotations.

The second method is to check the speed limiter wires that control its controller. You can set the limits according to the country’s laws and limitations. Do every setting carefully because wires are connected sensitively if you touch another wire it will create some other problem.

Kv Value of Motor Controller:

The higher capacity of the kV motor the more it will be helpful for the speed. Use the kV motors for the bike these are the best source for high speed. If it created more problems rewind it or replace it with the new one so that you can free yourself from this issue.

Add More Cells to the Battery:

Check your battery that it has space for the cells. Add more cells to your battery to increase its speed. You can add these cells to the lithium and another kind of battery and each cell will give more voltage as compared to the whole battery power.

Use Low Resistance Charger:

The batteries with more voltage and capabilities mostly have low resistance capability. The voltage sag is present inside the battery if the battery has high resistance it will cause the speed to slow.

Use the right charger with the low resistance this will helps to charge the high voltage battery and help you to drive faster. If the high resistance charger is used it will cause battery damage and will slow down the speed of the bike. The right charger is the solution for battery power and capability.

Electric Bike Classes for Higher Speed:

Speed limiters are used to regulate the speed of the bike. These classes are developed to regulate the mechanism of the bike and help to control its speed. Different countries have various classes of bikes for the top speed. But California introduces its speed classes for a better tour and speed range.

These classes depend on the speed limit of the bike. If you remove these speed limiters they will not t classify as the classes introduced for the bike. If you want to enhance its power and speed, then you must need proper documentation for its use. Try to figure out this with local regulations. Ask for proper documents, insurance authority, and other procedures for more speed options.

electric bike speed

First Class:

This class has only pedal-assist mode while the throttle is not present but it has a higher speed.

Second Class:

The bike power is authorized by the motor power and capability with a speed of above 20 miles.

Third Class:

This is similar to the first class in which only pedal-assist mode is present while the throttle is not present but the difference in speed is present in this third class.


This article will help with the slow-speed issues of the bike. The slower speed does not give as much fun as compared to a faster speed. The high speed can cause accidents and other problems as well.

Moreover, the above methods and reasons described the full information about the slow bike problems you can enhance speed in many ways but for more speed go for proper documents and registrations to travel on the busy cities as already discussed that every country has its limitations for the speed.


Are speed limits not necessary for the bike?

No, speed limits are necessary because it limits people from riding faster. Moderate speed is good but more fast speed is harmful. For the slow speed down that, you can hack its system to maintain its speed limits.

Can winds and rough roads slow down the speed of the Bike?

Yes, the harsh windy weather and rough road surfaces can cause you to slow the speed of the bike. Because the winds can affect the balance of your bike and rider. More, the rough terrains and off-road surfaces can cause the bike to slow its speed because of its roughness.


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