Why is electric bike so expensive?

Why is electric bike so expensive?

Electric bikes have recently taken over the bicycle industry and for good enough reasons. Electric bikes come with a longer range and are so much more uncomplicated to use, rendering their users to go to places without having that weird feeling of sweating, pull bigger loads, complete more activities, and even go on longer journeys.

They also make riding more accessible to senior cyclists and people with impairments. And the best part of all, they help reduce the commuting costs to a great extent. Isn’t it all just amazing?

But as we all know, with so many advantages, there also comes a price tag, and that too is justified considering that electric bikes have so much to offer.

However, people often question why are electric bikes so expensive? In this article, we will try and break down the reasons and better explain the cost of the electric bike to help you answer this question.

Also, further in this article, you might even come across ways to save money while buying an electric bike, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Types of electric bikes

There are three varieties of e bikes:

Type 1:

An electric bicycle with pedaling assist that calls for you to push for you to make use of the motor. It’s similar to a standard bicycle, other than that it includes an engine that senses when you’re cycling and helps you out.

You constantly appear to be enjoying the best tailwind of your life. On this type of electric bicycle, the throttle could indeed or might not be incorporated.

To ride this type of electric bicycle you need no driving license since the speed limit cannot exceed 20 mph. Also, there is no age limit as to who can ride it.

It is more or less like a normal bicycle, offering just slight motor assistance to make riding a little smoother and easier.

Type 2:

It’s an electric bike that comes equipped with an engine that is controlled by the throttle. This form of electric bicycle does not require you to push to benefit from the motor. Should you want to go quicker, merely increase the pedal.

Advancing in the middle of a curve can allow you to enhance traction. Essentially, the shorter you pedal, the faster the battery drains.

The maximum speed for this classification of electric bike is also 20 mph, hence you will not be needing a driver’s license for this one as well. There is also no age cap on this type of e bike so any age can easily use this.

The only difference between this and type 1 e bikes is that you will have to exert lesser manual power on this one; the engine will get the maximum work done.

So yeah, if you are looking for a traditional bike riding experience and do not want to do much physical work, and do not have a driver’s license as well, then we suggest you go for this type.

Type 3:

With the full power of 28 mph, type 3 classification is the fastest “legal” E-bike. This is still considered a “bicycle,” and also no driving license is required, as well as a registration plate, or other documentation is required. It is classified as a bicycle. Helmets are mandated by regulation.

Traditionally, this classification would be better for someone who rides their bike to work rather than just for leisure.

This type of e bikes offers a pedal-assist e bike and it might or might not come with a throttle. The maximum speed of this classification is 28 mph, however, still it does not require a driver’s license to be used.

However, to ride this electric bike, you need to be 17 years or older. Any age younger than this is not allowed to mount it.

General Price Range of e bikes

Based on the style of bicycle and your income, an electric bike might cost anywhere from $800 to $4000. Whilst the e-bike under $1000 is possible, the alternatives are limited. Most good e-bikes cost between $1500-$4000.

Electric bikes will typically cost anywhere from $600 to over $8000. There aren’t that many good e bikes under $1000, and most conventional electric bikes will surely cost around $1500 and $4000.

But this is just a very general breakdown of e bike costs, let us dive further into it to know why e bike prices are such high and cost savings methods as well.

Factors influencing e bike prices

As we have already seen above e bikes are generally very expensive bikes, but that is all because of the quality components which go into their making. The higher the quality components used in a bike, the higher its price will go.

Below we have mentioned certain factors which influence the pricing factor e bikes.

1- Expensive components

E bikes are now more costly than traditional bikes due to the higher cost of components used in their construction. The pricing of such parts can differ tremendously, which is one of the reasons why the actual cost of an e-bike can fluctuate from roughly $1,000 on the lower end of the spectrum to $15,000 on the leading edge.

Equipment used among motorsports and aficionados is typically more expensive than those used by travelers and occasional adventurers. Cheap components are typically more brittle than their more premium equivalents, and they frequently come without guarantees or service quality.

2- Battery

From a few hundred thousand dollars for an entry-level model to thousands of dollars for a sophisticated model, batteries for electric bicycles can range in price.

Insight into how far you can go on a bike will be gained through this exercise. Batteries that are large enough to go a long way on a single charge are essential.

The battery life of your electric bicycle will also affect its durability. When properly maintained, lithium-ion batteries, the most popular type of battery found in electric bikes, have an average lifespan of two to four years.

There are two main kinds of e bike batteries: Lithium-ion and Lead-acid.

Lead-acid battery

Low-cost electric bike batteries of this type are available. However, they are more cumbersome and need to be replaced more frequently. E-bikes’ overall cost rises due to the necessity of replacing the battery so frequently.

Lithium-ion battery

Due to their smaller size and reduced weight, lithium batteries are more expensive. They are initially more costly, but their duration is far greater than that of lead-acid batteries.

Using lower-cost batteries for your e-bike may seem like a sensible way to save money. As little more than a result, the long-term cost of e-bike purchases will rise. Why? Electric bikes with these batteries grow more slowly because of this. In this case, it appears that their powers have been severely limited.

Lithium polymer battery

The normal number of full-to-empty-to-healthy phases for lithium polymers is somewhere between three hundred and five hundred. It’s possible that if you charge the battery before it runs out, you can make it last longer. Energy is not stored in lithium polymers, in comparison to other forms of batteries such as nickel-cadmium batteries.

3- E bike Motor

The motor of an electric bike is another component that adds to the greater cost of e-bikes; however, this is not a problem for the conventional bike. Conventional bikes do not require an engine.

Even if you have an electric bicycle with a pedal-assist or a throttle assist, the energy stored in the battery is transferred to the motor, which then turns one of the wheels in response to your pedaling or throttle input.

To put it another way, the fact that a motor needs to be custom-fitted drives up both the labor cost as well as the cost of the component, which in turn drives up the price of the electric motor.

4- E bike frame

The frame of an electric bike may be constructed from a variety of materials, including titanium, steel, and aluminum, among others.

Titanium’s high mechanical properties and lightweight make it an ideal material for mountain bike framesets. Titanium is used as a safety mechanism by some manufacturers due to the metal’s power to bend while still maintaining its internal structure.

Steel is also utilized in the process of constructing the frame of a bicycle. It does this by producing bicycle frames that are not only lightweight but also roomy. Despite its durability, this material is susceptible to developing rust over time.

Aluminum is another metal that may be used in the construction of bicycle frames. In regards to providing a long lifespan, this is a versatile material that can be fashioned into bike frames of a wide range of sizes. Aluminum frameworks, ignoring the fact that they should not corrode as quickly as other frames, are extremely brittle and can be damaged in the event of a collision.

5- Their present status is as a niche item.

Even though sales of e-bikes are on the rise, the e bike industry is still considered a niche market. As a consequence of this, e bike manufacturers are unable to create massive quantities of parts and components, which contributes significantly to the growth in the cost of e-bikes.

Electric bike manufacturers are not able to rely on selling massive quantities of their products, which enables them to effectively control their orders. This is in contrast to traditional bicycle manufacturers. Because of this, it is challenging to bring down the price of the equal bicycle.

The price of electric bicycles is expected to stay high until the product attains a level of demand that compels producers to make them in substantial quantities.

Extra Recurring Costs of e bikes

More than just one-time buying costs, other e bike costs have to keep in sight when planning to purchase one. Such costs are called recurring costs which include battery replacement, maintenance, etc.

If you plan to go towards buying cheaper e bikes, be mindful that you might come across these costs more often than you would like to.

An e bike with good quality components and relatively new technology requiring lesser maintenance will come with a high price tag, the right bike for you should always be the one with a good battery and control system.

1- Battery Replacement

An e bike battery might range somewhere between $200 to $500 dependent on how advanced it is, the battery technology it is, the size of the pack, and the bike manufacturer it would be for. If they’ve been handled previously or are in bad shape, they can indeed be purchased for less money. If properly managed, a battery has to last somewhere around 3 and 5 years. Even if it’s not operated, a lithium battery would gradually lose usable capacity.

2- General Maintenance

E Bike maintenance isn’t cheap. Annually, E Bike customers invest between $100 to $150 on equipment and components. Experienced repair rates are comparable to these costs, therefore e bikes upkeep should cost roughly $300 per year.

How to save costs on electric bikes

bike, e-bike, bicycle

Now onto the part, we promised you in the beginning, how to save costs on electric bikes. There are several ways to do that, so we will be listing a few of those in the pointers below.

  • Do your proper research of the market before you choose to buy a particular one. With the current rise in the demand for electric bikes, a lot of small companies offering good-quality bikes have surfaced.Go over the internet or visit a market to check out all the available options. You will find good-quality electric bikes at a cheaper price than their expensive, branded counterparts.
  • Prepare an electric bike on your own. DIY culture is on a high rise these days and you can easily find all the components and materials in the market for cheaper rates.This is also helpful if you have never ridden an e bike and do not know for sure that electric bikes will suit your temperament. Try building one for yourself, test it out, and see whether a conventional bike works best for you or an electric bike.This will help save you money and will also give you an experience of a lifetime. YouTube is filled with such tutorials so we are pretty sure that anywhere you get stuck, there will be a help.

Benefits of using electric bikes

There are many great benefits of using electric bikes. Read below to find out its amazing benefits.

Electric bikes are good for training.

If you have a desire to become more active but are unable to do so due to health difficulties, using an e-bike to train is a fantastic option.

Electric bikes are environmentally friendly.

Electric bikes are environmentally friendly since they use electricity to propel them ahead. E-bikes turn 100 percent ecologically responsible and excellent for the ecosystem when the battery is charged with green solar electricity.

There are zero emissions e bikes as well, so if you are the kind of person very much concerned about the environmental benefits, you can opt for bikes in that range.

Will the price of electric bikes go down?

The number of new competitors entering the market and the cost of producing batteries will influence whether or not the price of an electric bicycle goes up or down.

The following map of web analytics reveals that the sector for electric bikes has had rapid growth over the past several years. This growth suggests that other manufacturers are likely to enter the market, which will result in lower pricing.


This article walked you through the outline of why electric bikes so expensive these days and we are hopeful that by now you might have an answer to that. The best electric bikes come with a price tag much higher than traditional bikes.

However, most electric bikes can be bought for an average price of $2000. These bikes come with a range of advantages and features, and as the technology matures, the advancement in their components becomes a major reason for their increasing prices.

However, since they help you ride easily and ride farther without any manual effort, we think that they are a good investment and should be considered if you are a daily commuter since regular bikes will require you to put in more effort.

We hope we were able to break down costs in a much clearer as to better clear the e bikes’ expensive judgment.


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