What kind of helmet do I need for an electric bike?

In response to the increasing popularity of electric bikes over the past several years, helmets made specifically for use with e-bikes have appeared.

At first glance, they may appear to be identical to any other commuting-friendly cap. The finest electric bike helmets, on the other hand, have a few additional characteristics that you may not notice on a standard riding helmet unless you examine them in further depth.

The head and the brain are particularly vulnerable to trauma, which is why wearing a helmet is so important.

The electric scooters available today can reach breakneck speeds. Tests are administered routinely to those who have a maximum speed of forty miles per hour almost 64 kilometers. A user of an electric bike is required to wear a helmet at all times to protect themselves from the dangers posed by other vehicles on the road, as well as other potential risks.

Not all helmets are made equally or are suitable for use with electric scooters, therefore the same cannot be said for helmets built for electric scooters.

Since no formal assessment criteria for electric bike helmets have been set by any regulating bodies, it is permissible to use one when riding electric bikes at modest speeds. Nevertheless, common wisdom dictates that one must always wear a helmet when driving at or above 20 miles per hour on a motorcycle or electric bicycle.

When an electric bike rider is riding an electric bike, he should wear an e bike helmet. Today we are going to tell you why electric bike helmets are important? what things we should consider before buying an e bike helmet and the best electric bike helmets.

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What is an electric bike helmet?

Helmets for electric bicycles and electric scooters are designed to provide protection for the wearer’s head in the event of a collision. When it comes to riding an electric bicycle, there are no specific criteria set forth by the Department of Transportation in the United States.

While on the contrary, helmets designed for use with electric bikes have been given the green light by both independent organizations and national governments throughout the globe. Before they are allowed on the market in the United States, bicycle helmets must first receive approval from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Conventional bicycle helmets are commonly used for e-bikes with only pedal assistance and 250-watt e-bikes at low velocity. Because conventional bicycle helmets do not offer the same degree of protection as motorized bike helmets, users of Class-3 electric bikes are obliged to wear DOT-approved motorized bike helmets.

If you want to be capable of holding and carrying your electric bicycles, you should think about purchasing an electric bike rack that is simple to install for your vehicle.

How do Electric bike helmets work?

Helmets created specifically for use with electric bicycles aim to reduce the intensity of concussions and keep skull fractures from occurring in the event of a collision or fall.

Well-designed E-bike helmets should have a MIPS–Multi-Directional Impact Protection System or a comparable construction that guards against both angular rotational forces and linear braking pressures during angled impacts. This sort of construction guards against rotational angular stresses during angled impacts.

The vast majority of bicycle collisions are brought about by abrupt angular increases in speed rather than gradual linear ones. In the event of an accident that involves sliding or rolling, the slip-plane liner or other comparable additional structural padding in the MIPS helmet will maintain the helmet in place.

In addition, the coverage given by e-bike helmets should be sufficient; yet, many riders choose a lightweight scooter or moped helmets due to their wider coverage range.

On the other hand, electrified bicycle helmets are created to maintain as much of your peripheral vision as possible in a clear state.

When storing your electric bicycle, you should always use one of the methods described in our guide to the best electric bike locks to safeguard it from theft.

To further ensure the safety of your bicycle storage area, we suggest installing one of the electric bike locks described in our buyer’s guide.

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What are the types of Electric bike helmets?

Users of electric scooters can get away with wearing helmets ranging from those made for bicycles to those designed for motorcycles, depending on the rider’s speed and the danger involved.

The following helmets, sorted from most protective to least protective, can be used with an electric bicycle:

  • Bike helmet
  • Downhill
  • Motorcycle helmets
  • Full Face Helmet

Bike Helmet

This is the standard head protection worn by bikers. An outside shell’s stiffness contrasted sharply with the interior lining’s flexibility. When struck, the shell disperses the impact force in all areas. This will avoid any skull fractures from happening. Furthermore, the cushion’s soft inner adds to the company’s power of optical absorption.

The majority of a shell’s composition is comprised of hybrid surfaces of carbon fiber, plastic containers, or polyester. The majority of the time, liners are constructed up of two substantial layers of form, one of which is flexible and the other of which is rigid. When worn, bicycle helmets offer no protection at all to the face or jaw in the event of an accident.

Even if your head is not fractured in the case of a serious accident, your chin and face might still receive substantial damage.

Only electric scooters capable of speeds up to ten miles per hour should be used while wearing a regular cycling helmet. When it comes to head protection, a bicycle helmet is a minimally acceptable need.

Electric Mountain bike or Downhill electric bike helmet

If you want to go at a pace of fewer than 18 miles per hour while on a route that is in poor condition, you will need additional protection in addition to a bicycle helmet. Helmets designed for downhill or BMX riding are a solid choice for the next stage.

These have all been designed to withstand higher impacts than a bike helmet, giving them a superior solution for more severe injuries. However, they weren’t the most reliable method. But on the other hand, riding at a modest pace may place you in danger. They will operate more efficiently.

These head protection items are constructed using the same components as bicycle helmets. When you go for the full-face model, your jaw and the majority of the rest of your face will be shielded from the elements of the road.

Although they are heavier, bulkier, and less nimble than slope and BMX helmets, motorcycle helmets and electric mountain bike helmets are more efficient and lighter.

Motorcycle Helmet

When traveling at speeds more than 40 miles per hour on your electric scooter, you are expected to wear a helmet at all times. The vast majority of motorcycle helmets are full-face, which means they shield the rider’s head and complete face, including the jaw, in addition to the head itself.

Additionally, they provide some safety for the neck. The chin is the focus of over half of all catastrophic impacts experienced in motorcycle accidents, therefore this plays an important role.

Even though the ventilation system of the motorcycle helmet completely covers both your head and your face, you still won’t become overheated or sweat excessively.

In during cold months, ventilation can be shut to retain heat. Multiple manufacturers now provide colored lenses in full-face helmets, eliminating the requirement for the wearer to also don sunglasses. This capability will make your travel safer in a range of lighting situations.

Full Face Helmet

There is a diverse selection of accreditation available for full-face helmets. Some of them will have the same level of protection as a motorcycle helmet, while others will have the same level of efficiency.

There are several advantages to wearing a full-face helmet rather than a half-helmet. It shields more than your head’s crown from potential danger. By wearing a protective mouthguard, you may safeguard your mouth, face, cheeks, and even your head to some extent in the case of an accident.

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What things I should consider while buying an electric bike helmet?

There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for an electric bike helmet. These are, in fact

Features about safety, as well as accreditation

Helmets with MIPS technology




Safety features as well as Certifications

The safety of your head ought to be your top consideration while purchasing a helmet. Even while many current helmets are intended to appear cool, their main duty is to maintain the user’s head in the event of a collision.

When looking to buy a helmet, it is important to evaluate whether or not it is compatible with the regional certification standards and whether or not it includes a Mips system. Accidents involving electric bicycles are almost always brought on by rotational velocity, which is triggered when the rider falls at an angle.

MIPS (multi-directional impact protection) helmet

Before purchasing a helmet, safety should be your primary concern. Although wearing a bike helmet may give the idea that you are attempting to be fashionable, the key reason you always should do so is to safeguard your head in the event of a collision.

What types of inquiries should you be asking yourself at this time? Do you enjoy accelerating quickly on your electric bike while you are out and about? Have you encountered tire blowouts or security concerns on your daily commute? Is it possible to experience a GHT riding?

Accidents involving electric bicycles are almost always brought on by rotational velocity, which is triggered when the rider falls at an angle.

The head of e bike riders won’t be squashed by the helmet’s crash protection devices thanks to the multi-directional impact protection system’s tolerance of head orientation of ten to twenty millimeters (0.4 inches), which helps prevent your head from being smashed by the helmet’s directional impact protection system.

This makes it easier to avoid head injuries and other conditions that might be harmful to the brain.


Ask yourself these: Do you like riding your electric scooter fast? Is your daily route riddled with road hazards or safety concerns? Will you are going to have a night riding?

The right helmet for you will depend on how you answer these questions. If your average ride is low-risk and low-speed, then bicycle helmets are good enough.

However, if you want to drive faster than Thirty kilometers per hour, you will be required to wear a more advanced helmet.

When you are about to start on an exciting trip, it is also a fitting metaphor to use. Off-roading needs the use of a helmet that is of a higher grade and more durable since the risks involved in acrobatics and riding on difficult terrain are significantly higher than those associated with commuting.


The solutions to these problems will assist you in determining the most effective head protection. When cycling at low-risk and low-speed, bike helmets provide enough security.

Because prolonged helmet use can cause a guy’s brain to get uncomfortably hot, the overwhelming bulk of top-quality helmets is fitted with ventilators.

On the other hand, ventilation is a delicate balancing act. You don’t need to look much farther than a helmet that has more vents to find one that is both lightweight and comfortable.

You will need to invest a significant amount of money to let that be both lightweight and practical. People who are used to wearing open-face or half-helmets will find that a full-face mask makes them feel hotter and causes them to sweat more than usual. It helps in making the ride head cool.


When people consider what makes a helmet the greatest in its class, the design or aesthetic of the helmet typically comes to mind first. In sports such as cycling, aesthetics are less important than the sport’s emphasis on aero.

Others who ride electric bikes often have a specific goal in mind, unlike those who merely like drifting or riding in the woods.

Mountain bike helmets, on the other hand, can protect the entire face. When a person wears a helmet that covers their entire face, including their jaw, they are protected from injury.

The use of full-face helmets that have removable mouthpieces is becoming increasingly common. The vast majority of them are equipped with visors that may be flicked down or secured in place.

An e-bike helmet with LED lights, visors, and anti-theft protection is well worth the extra money, especially if you plan on using it as your primary mode of transportation.

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Can you use a regular helmet for an electric bike?

A normal bike helmet can be used for Class 2 riding. Helmets with MIP (multidirectional impact protection) systems are recommended for those who want to travel faster.

Off-road bikers need to have this piece of gear in their arsenal. After an accident, MIPS keeps the wearer’s head securely contained within the helmet, therefore reducing the risk of concussions and other brain injuries that might prove fatal.

Therefore, the protection of yourself and others on the road should be your number one concern, and one of the most important things you can do to achieve this goal is to always wear a helmet.

If these criteria are not satisfied, the electric bicycle will be classified as a moped, and the rider will be required by law to wear a helmet and to have a valid driver’s license, as well as to register the vehicle and pay taxes on it.

If you ride an EAPC, you should always wear a helmet to protect your head. Increased exposure is one way that may be used to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

We have compiled a list of the finest bike lights now commercially available, and many electric bikes already come equipped with their lights; nonetheless, having an excessive amount of lights is rarely an issue.

You need to use a helmet that has a light attached to it if you ride an electric bicycle.

Do you need an electric bike helmet?

A typical bicycle in the United Kingdom is considered an EAPC (electrically assisted pedal cycle), and helmets are not needed.

It is stated on the gov.uk website that an EAPC “must not move the bike at extreme speeds 15.5 miles per hour” and that its power generated is 250 watts.

If these criteria are not satisfied, the electric bike will be classified as a moped, and the rider will be required by law to wear a helmet and to have a valid driver’s license, as well as to register the vehicle and pay taxes on it.

If you ride an Electrically assisted pedal cycle you should always wear a helmet to protect your head.

Do you need to consider integrated rear light when riding an electric bike?

An electric bike requires faster riding, more traffic involvement, and a larger bike involved in a collision. When it comes to staying safe, ebike helmets aren’t always the most important piece of equipment.

Increased exposure is one way that may be used to reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring. We have compiled a list of the finest bike lights now commercially available, and many electric bikes already come equipped with their lights; nonetheless, having an excessive amount of lights is rarely an issue.

You need to use a top-quality bike helmet that has a led light attached to it if you ride an electric bicycle.

How much should I need to spend on an e bike helmet?

It can acquire a bike helmet for much less than 10 dollars and one that costs more than 500 dollars.

What should you look for in a riding helmet, and how much should you spend?

Even though there is no set minimum or maximum price range for bicycle helmets, they must be worn when riding. You should shop within your financial means for a helmet, just as you would for any other piece of riding gear.

Selecting the one that offers the highest level of protection makes sense from a safety point of view.

Now would be a good moment to talk about the safety rating.

regular electric bike helmet

5 best electric bike helmets.

Giro Bexley Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) (Pricey, fashionable, and equipped with safety measures)

The Giro Bexley Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) electric bike helmet features an elegant and contemporary-looking design, which is the first thing that people notice about it. Its name comes from the acronym for the protection system. Find a place beneath the armor to install a Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) liner, which functions as a shield and absorbs impact energy.

The antibacterial padding offers comfort and cleanliness that can be enjoyed for a considerable length of time without deteriorating.

A strong selling factor that can make a great impression while riding in either hot or cold circumstances is the presence of four vents that can be closed off. The helmet’s features include detachable eye shields that may be expanded, fog lamps, and a magnetic clip that can be attached to the belt.

To tell you the truth, the fact that this helmet comes with a price tag of 299 dollars while being well-built and safe may be the major problem with the product. Despite this, the Giro Bexley MIPS is an excellent bargain when you take into account the additional layer of safety, the durability, and the other features that you obtain for the price.

POC Kortal Race MIPS

Although it is designed for use with e-bikes, it is not an urban helmet. To be more specific, e-MTB. The fact that it has so many functions makes it difficult to pick a favorite, but the fit is great (particularly for children’s heads), even though it is bulky and heavy. In addition to that, it is quite lightweight and comfortable.

Even though it is a bit pricey, it is well-designed, has innovative safety measures, and comes close to fitting perfectly.

MIPS Cycling Helmet- Smith Express

The classic look of the helmet from Smith is updated with a contemporary touch in the form of an led light mounted on the back of the headgear. Even while the ventilation on the Express isn’t as good as what you’ll find in some of the other alternatives, there are vents strategically placed in the front that allow air to flow into the helmet while you’re riding.

In total, 13 vents work to keep you cool, while the great looks of this helmet help you stay cool in a different way. Built for your commute, the Smith express is all about minimalism without sacrificing safety.

Vega Warriors E bike helmet

If you are searching for a stylish and comfortable and the best electric bike helmet, the ebike Vega Warrior helmet is a great option to consider. It has a sleek design and good ventilation.

Because the half-helmet weighs only 0.99 kilograms and is so incredibly light, you won’t even be aware that you’re wearing it and won’t feel tired even after wearing it for a lengthy amount of time.

Your skull will be protected by the outer casing, which is compact and easy to use. When it comes to keeping your head dry and comfy, a Wick-Dri layer is used on the inside of the pillow.

Urbanize Lazer electric bike helmet

The helmets manufactured by Lazer come in a broad variety of styles and colors, and the Lazer brand name has achieved a decent level of recognition among customers and industry professionals alike in this sphere.

Because the design of their helmets takes aesthetics and comfort into consideration, numerous of their helmets have gotten a perfect score of five stars in the Virginia Tech helmet safety examinations. This is one of the reasons why multiple of their helmets have received this score.

The Lazer comes out on top as our recommendation for the best helmet to use with an electric commuter bike. This is because it comes with a variety of features and additional components.

The backlight is extremely powerful, and it may be detachable so that it can be charged through a USB port with the cord that is included. There is a steady setting, as well as two distinct flashing patterns, and there are a total of three settings.

If you make the choice that you do not wish to make use of the lens, you can detach it from the top of the helmet, where it is secured, and store it in another location. This is an excellent choice for you to make if the forecast calls for poor weather or if you have issues with your vision.

The strap may be quickly attached to or removed from the user at any time thanks to the employment of magnets in its fastening mechanism. A lock that is large enough to retain the lock can be inserted into the hole on the back of the door, which allows the door to be locked and secured.

This model comes with a winter package that contains earmuffs in addition to a little wind blocker that can be placed over the front vent. This package is included with the purchase of the model. These are cushioned and can be fastened to the inside of the helmet for further protection. They cut down on the amount of wind that can enter the room.

The customers of Lazer have the option to make use of an additional service known as Crash Replacement. If you are the owner of a Lazer helmet and are involved in an accident within the first three years of owning it, you may be eligible for a discount of up to fifty percent off the price of a replacement helmet.

This discount is only valid for replacement helmets purchased via Lazer. To substantiate your claim that you made the purchase, all you need to do is give them a copy of the receipt and a few images as evidence.

electric bike helmet for adults

New edition in e bike helmets

Most helmet manufacturers of bicycles continually update their designs to meet the evolving needs of bikers. Shortly, bike helmets will undergo several modifications.

Collapsible and Foldable Bike Helmets

Those who bicycle to work are aware of how important it is to handle and store a helmet.

Foldable and folding bike helmets are one of the trendiest innovations in bicycle gear and accessories. These helmets range in price from around 50 dollars to well over 100 dollars.

What is the Law for electric bike helmets?

In practice, helmet wearing is not compulsory by law. All ages are excluded from the helmet requirement, however, adults are particularly favored.

Generally, youngsters are compelled to respect helmet legislation by wearing helmets.

Regarding electric scooter helmets, the legislation varies from country to country and even region to region.

Following local standards and legislation is the only way to certify the legality of an electric scooter.

Final Thought

Because you will be moving at substantially quicker speeds than typical while riding an electric bike, you should exercise an increased level of vigilance when you are out on the road. It is general knowledge that electric bicycles are better for the environment, save riders time, and prevent riders from being overheated and uncomfortable on the way to their destinations.

Finding the right fit when it comes to a helmet for riding an electric scooter could be challenging for many riders.

There is a broad range of helmets available on the market today. These helmets have sophisticated noise reduction technologies and are intended specifically for use during sports such as cycling and motorcycle riding. However, there are no helmets on the market that are developed with scooter riding in mind.


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