What is E-bike on Strava? Everything to Know

At present, one of the most well-liked cycling applications available is called Strava. Both road cyclists and mountain bikers can make use of its core qualities, which include data on distance and elevation in addition to speed. Its free edition provides all of the tools that an average biker requires to get in shape. This app makes e-bike rides easy.

In the premium version, you will have access to all of the following features: segment monitoring, analysis of ride, and challenging tracking for KOM (King of the Mountain). Every cyclist has the opportunity to compete virtually against one another to see who can ride a particular segment the quickest and take home the King of the Mountain title on the app.

What is Strava App?

According to the sources, Strava is a platform that allows athletes to network with one another and share information about their workouts. Even though it has a smaller user base than many of the more widely used social networks, Strava beats most other fitness services. As we all know that riding is a challenging exercise it will be difficult at the start but after a few weeks it will become a favorite hobby and Starva makes e-bike riding easier.

Strava was developed specifically with the needs of athletes in mind. Strava places a significant emphasis not only on performance assessment but also, and perhaps more notably, on the monitoring of training schedules. Strava is a helpful tool that can track the progress of individuals who ride traditional bicycles as well as the progress of e-bike ride.

This platform has many advantages, one of which is that it can be utilized by every local rider or e-bike rider, despite the apparatus that is utilized to record one’s athletic data.

There are a significant number of KOMs on Strava routes that are currently held by e-bikers, and the typical person riding a normal e-bike and using their upper body to turn the pedals has no chance of catching up to these riders.

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Who uses Strava App?

The sports of cycling and exercising are two of Strava’s most favored ways to spend their time.

Even though you are able to record other activities on Strava, such as yoga and hiking, the app shines when it comes to evaluating performance and offers exciting route comparisons, both of which are particularly inspiring to cyclists and runners and this feature also makes e-bike ride easy.

It is a wonderful experience to examine routes, evaluate Segments (sections of the route), and, most significantly, analyze your own individual achievement and training goals in comparison to those of Strava’s many users.

How you can get started using Strava App?

On Strava.com, you can record not only your GPS-tracked route but also your pace, range, energy, and pulse rate. On the map, you can see all of this information.

Strava is a portal that could be used for social media, it can be used as a professional training tool, and it can be used as a means to evaluate yourself against riders from all over the globe all at the same time.

As a user of Strava, you can sign up for a variety of challenges, some of which may have requirements regarding range or altitude. Riders must record their rides and meet all of the requirements of the challenge to earn a “badge.”

E-bikes are straightforward assistive gadgets that make it simpler for people to travel further distances than they would be able to on a traditional bicycle. It makes no difference how swiftly they move; they have no bearing on the outcome.

The KOMs belong to the players who have worked hard enough to earn them. When it comes to top speed, the most powerful electric bicycles can reach the same average speed as a regular road bicycle, which is 30 kilometers per hour.

Using Strava, local riders and e-bikers are now able to interact with one another and compare their efforts in new and interesting ways.

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What are the features of the Strava App?

There are many incredible features of the Strava app. Some of them I am mentioning here;

Digital Training

Find out whatever you need to discover about a specific run by looking through this section. It is important to keep track of your mileage splits, elevation variations, and any other variables that are unique to you. You will also be able to review previous runs that were completed along the same route and immediately compare your results to those of the past. A segment and an attempt at the “second quickest” time on a route are both important sets of information.

Route Recommendation Feature

The activity logs of Strava members are combed through to come up with route recommendations for new users. To use this narrative and activity-specific information, you can gain a wealth of knowledge and insight and specifics, such as the difficulty of the route, the amount of time it takes to finish a community, and historical activity trends by month and time. For example, you can see how long it takes to finish a community.

E-bike riders and cyclists in their local community may now plan their activities taking into account not only the best route but also the best time of day or week for the activity they have in mind.


Get Social easily

After a run or a session of training, it’s important to congratulate your fellow runners on a job well done. You have the option of either congratulating the narrator or just sitting back and observing. If you want to get together with other runners in the area and go for a run with them, you can do that. There are more means available to you to protect the confidentiality of your information and omit using this function.

GPS System

You will be capable of monitoring your progress by using the GPS tracking feature on your smartphone, provided that the area in which you are working out is covered by service for your phone. To get the app to start collecting data, all you have to do is choose a type of workout and tap the record button. The software will then begin to track data such as pace, altitude, mileage, and more.

After you have finished your activity, the map and the statistics that you have accumulated throughout it will be saved to your profile and displayed there. Strava comes into its own at this point since it enables you to evaluate your achievement to that of other people who have finished the same “segments” as you have.

FlyBy Feature

Strava Flyby is a feature that allows electric bikers to view the profiles of other riders they may have come across along their route. In addition, you can monitor the overall distance traveled by the two persons on the ride as well as the amount of time spent near one another during the voyage. There is also the possibility of contrasting height with speed.

Strava Segments

By keeping track of the “own segments” you run consistently within Strava, you can easily compare your progress over time. For a Fartlek workout, for instance, a route that involves running from “Main Street to South Street” could be beneficial. You will be able to utilize these statistics to make judgments about your section that are informed and educated. You have the potential to become a “local celebrity” if you accomplish a particular distance a predetermined number of times.

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What new feature is developed by Strava App?

Consumers will have a much easier time sticking to their exercise routines if they can maintain the routines of their peers. Strava satisfies the requirement of its users for a greater degree of control over the feeds they get. Users of Strava now can connect to the performances of other Strava users and track their growth as well as the thread starter start date as athletes with this new feature.

It is possible to see other athletes’ routes, challenges, and other activities when a activities low another user. From the profile page, users can easily subscribe to the activity of friends and other athletes.

Besides this, consumers have the option of muting an athlete or making them a favorite. To keep up with their friends on Strava, this function allows users to see all of their friends’ activities.

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How you can enable Strava Connection?

When you ride an electric bike, using Strava is an excellent method to keep track of your rides and progress. The Flow app will reveal statistics regarding your ride on your electric bicycle as soon as you reach the end of that ride.

To enable connection in the Strava app follow the below steps;

  1. Go into the “Settings” menu on the e-bike Flow app, then select “Connected services,” and finally select “Strava.”
  1. When you get to the next screen, click the button that says “Connect with Strava.”
  2. To unlock the Strava app, you will need to enter your Strava login and password.
  3. You need to acknowledge and agree to the terms of the “Upload your activity from e-bike Flow app to Strava” authorization to successfully authorize your account.
  4. In the case that you reach the end of a ride on your bike, the information on your ride will be instantly uploaded to Strava, where it would be given access to you in a matter of minutes.

How to add an e-bike on Strava?

It is possible to adjust your preferences and the data fields so that they are suitable for the requirements of a particular excursion or activity.

From the drop-down menu choose Activity Profiles which is located under Menu > Settings.

How to report an e-bike on Strava?

If you are having problems of any kind, following these steps will assist you to report such problems.

  1. To access the ellipsis, click the icon located on the page’s left-hand side.
  2. Choose between the ride or the dash around the flag.
  3. It is important that the flag is raised for the appropriate reasons, and that the statements accompanying the flag be exhaustive and detailed.
  4. After you are finished, press the button labeled “Flag.”

On which device you can use Strava App?

In recent years, it has become increasingly usual for people to ride their bikes without using a cycle computer and instead use their phones, which are mounted on a robust case, as an alternative.

Open the Strava app on your phone and press the “Start” button when you’re ready to start your ride. You can set the program to automatically pause like on a computer.

Strava is compatible with any device such as the Apple Watch, making it appealing to consumers who have upgraded to more recent smartphone models. As a consequence of this, you will be able to get real-time data from your wristwatch even if you choose to leave your phone at home while you are riding.

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Why should you use Strava App?

There are many beneficial reasons for using Strava App. Some of them are;

Your family and friends are using it.

Even though it’s not the most compelling argument, it’s not a bad idea to use Strava just because your friends are doing it. Strava is used by the vast majority of riders, so you shouldn’t ignore it. You can keep track of your friends and foes, as well as evaluate your performance in comparison to that of the experts. When mixed with modesty, it makes for the ideal ingredient in any recipe calling for inspiration.

Because it has a free version too.

Most mobile models are compatible with the app’s installation. A simple download of the app and a push of a button are all that is required; the GPS data from your device is used to track the journey. If you don’t have a smartphone, you may still use Strava with a variety of GPS-riding computers. A yearly subscription to the paid edition grants access to additional features.

You can enjoy the community feeling.

One of the most impressive aspects of this sport is the community that surrounds it. When you ride with a group, you not only have the opportunity to take advantage of the expertise and experience of your fellow riders, but you also can push yourself further than you would be able to if you were riding by yourself.

On Strava, you and your colleagues can form private groups for your workouts. Even if you aren’t riding together, you may still keep in touch and maybe even strive to beat the time they take to complete their journey. In the comments section, you and other riders can congratulate one another on a fantastic ride.

It helps you to motivate yourself.

When the weather or motivation isn’t cooperating, the monthly Strava challenges are a great way to stay motivated and get out on the road. Climbing challenges and distance records are just a few of the options available to cyclists of all skill levels. For you, this is a game-changer. As a result of these obstacles, you’ll be able to learn and grow swiftly.

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Is the Strava app free or not?

There is a free version of Strava as well as a paid version that is known as Strava Summit. Both versions are available. Heavy users can gain access to additional services on Strava, including Challenges and Training Plans, by purchasing a subscription to the Strava Summit at a steep discount of 5.00 dollars per month subscription or 59.99 dollars annually.

What is the difference between Garmin and Strava App?

A “suffer score” is a way to track your pulse rate throughout a ride. This score is based on the percentage of your maximum heart rate that you maintain during the ride. A fantastic way to gauge how tough you were exercising is by monitoring your pulse rate. premium subscriptions include this feature.

What makes each one unique in comparison to the others? Strava is more user-friendly, the primary social network for cyclists, and one of the world’s most extensive map and route resources. This is in contrast to Garmin, which offers more in-depth data analysis.

Garmin and Strava are both popular fitness tracking apps, however, it’s worth noting that Strava works well with Garmin bikes. Both apps allow people to share information and photographs and are available on iOS and Android devices, as well as desktops and laptops.

Final Verdict

Runners who want to keep track of all of their exercise and health statistics in a single online location will find that Strava is an excellent option. The love of numbers that runners have several advantages, and it may even assist you to practice more efficiently.


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