[Guide] How to Start Electric Bike Without Key?


Who doesn’t love electric bikes? They give you a certain thrill that is unmatched. Now, electric bikes have become all the rage due to their many benefits, and they have revolutionized bike riding. While the exhilaration and everything they give you does seem nice and electric bikes may not need much exertion, they do need a key to get things rolling with the key switch.

One of the most dreadful experiences anyone can have is losing their key, and being unable to start an electric bike, which ruins the entire riding plan you had. But worry not because we are here to tell you how to start an electric bike without the key.

In this article, we will get into all the details, and give you some helpful tips to keep everything going well with your e-bike. So let’s begin.

electric bike key

Do You Actually Need the Key for an e-bike?

Why need a key for an electric bike? Shouldn’t it be solely all about battery connection? Well, we are here to explain.

E-bike and Key Relation

Though a bike key isn’t connected directly to the electric bike’s power, it plays an indirect role by securing your bike’s battery. If your battery lacks security, then your motor will not power, and you will not be able to ride the bike. The point is that if there is no battery, then your bike basically becomes idle. The key system matters a lot.

Moreover, the lithium battery used in the e-bike is pretty much a joy for the thieves, and therefore you need that extra layer of security too. Therefore, a key can be really important for you.

Hence, it is safe to say that an electric bike may not require a key for powering it up, but it basically secures your battery which is crucial for the bike to work. 

Can You Start your e-bike without a Key?

Now coming to the big question of can you start your bike without a key, and the answer is yes, but it is going to take some work. Let’s dive into it.

Ways to Start Your Electric Bike Without the Key

As we establish, you can start your bike sans key, so time to discuss the different ways. Know that while it is not impossible to start your e-bike without a key, you will need to do some rather odd stuff to be successful. 

Below are the ways to get your bike running without a key.

  1. Connecting Ignition Wiring
  2. Get to Work on the Battery
  3. Screwdriver is Your Friend
  4. Bump Key
  5. Plastic is Always Fantastic
  6. Get that Shim!

These are some of the most common ways to handle the key-less situation for electric bikes, and we will explain each in detail.

1. Connecting Ignition Wiring

In a hurry, and need to find a quick solution for an e-bike key? Don’t worry; we got you. The best solution for such a situation is to open the module so you can spark those ignition wires. While it may sound daunting, relax, it is the easiest thing to do, and is sure to give you the quickest results.

But you need to be careful, and not hasty lest you rip up something, and cost yourself some hefty price. 

So, you need to take some time and study the whole layout first, especially the ignition switch. Give yourself a few minutes, then evaluate the wire’s combination of your electric bike. Moreover, a hint for identifying the ignition wires is that you will notice that the two wires on the switch are coming off.

After you identify them, connect them, and voila! The bike will start. 

2. Get to Work on the Battery

Another way for key-less situations is getting to work on the detachable battery. This can be another quick fix. 

How to Start Electric Bike Without Key

What you need to do is remove those ignition wiring after you place your battery in and then screw it onto the mount. What this will do is give you a simple and efficient plug-and-play system for installation!

3. Screwdriver is Your Best Friend

When all else fails, a screwdriver will be there for you. If you got a screwdriver that fits the bike’s keyhole, then you are in for a treat because this will start your electric bike without the key. 

Once you find the perfect screwdriver,  just place it in, then turn. That’s it. Your electric bike is ready to go.  But beware! If you do it with too much force, then it could mess up your ignition, so ensure that the screwdriver fits your keyhole. You don’t want to make a complete disaster of the entire situation.  

4. Universal Key

A universal key or bump key is yet another savior for such situations. It is often utilized in many scenarios as replacement keys and, more often than not has been a true lifesaver for many. 

So, a bump key can help to lock your bike and get it started.  

5. Plastic is Indeed Fantastic

Did you know that you could get your e-bike started with a plastic pen? Sounds surprising, right? But it actually works if your bike comes with a keyhole that is shaped in a certain way. 

Most electric bikes lock openings have a tubular shape, and you are in luck if your e-bike has that shape, too because a plastic pen will help you.  This is a very old-school method where you simply take the plastic pen, then open up its ink tube.

Then utilize the plastic body for inserting it into the keyhole.  Keep inserting, and with a little bit of wriggle of the pen into the keyhole, will start the e-bike without a key.  

6. Get that Shim!

Lastly, let’s talk about the shim cut. This one can get a little tricky but don’t worry, and we will lay it all out for you.

For making the shim cut, grab a scissor, then slice off the two ends of an aluminum drinking can.  Wipe it clean, then draw the M shape in the center of the can with a marker.

Start Electric Bike Without Key

Now you need to give a V shape to the M shape you just created. You can do that by folding the top and then the sides. Then bend it around the lock’s shackles to make the shape round.

Put it in against the inside of the shackle for opening the lock. For a double bolt on the lock, two shims will do. 

Tips on Staying Out of Such Situation

Once you successfully start your electric bike without a key, let’s talk about some tips that can help you never land in this dreadful dilemma again. A little bit of care goes a long way in helping keep everything safe and secure. 


Wondering how this step can help? Well, there are many aspects.

First, keep the bike’s receipt with you safe, and it will help in accessing the bike without landing you in any legal trouble. You can always show, and prove to the police that the bike is yours. 

Secondly, you must record the electric bike’s serial number, and then assign it to some tracking app. This can help find the bike and provide location descriptions if it is lost or, worst, stolen. Lastly, registering for a safe lock program can be of great help. There are many popular options you can choose from for getting the best lock system and keeping your bike theft-proof.

Keeping the Spares Handy

We have all heard how important it is to have at least two keys to avoid such situations situation and once you go through such a helpless experience, it is better to always have a spare handy. 

This is not exactly a tip but more of a holy rule for bike owners everywhere. Also, never leave the key on your electric bike if you park it outside. Always have a duplicate in a secure place.

Lock Should Remain Clean

This might sound too simple, but you will be surprised how many people don’t do this and end up ruining things for themselves.

 Start Electric Bike

Sometimes, it is not the key that gives you trouble, and it is the horrifyingly jammed lock that can make things tough for you. If you find your lock jammed well, this could get you in deeper trouble. Therefore always ensure to clean your lock from the inside and outside. Grab a good quality rust remover, and give your lock a nice cleaning regularly. 

But never overdo things and over-lubricate your lock, because it will ruin it.

Safety All the Way

Though we all know it, we do believe that mentioning this important factor is necessary, and that is ensuring your electric bike’s safety. 

When outdoors, park it in a safe location and don’t make it easy for thieves. Make sure you have top-notch locks, and when the bike is not in use, you can take the battery out too. Batteries are a blessing for thieves, so store your bike in a safe place.

Electric Bike

However, if you lack some good secure location, then you can get some extra proper storage space for your electric bike. 


When you get in the troubling situation of losing your key, don’t fret, and try some of the methods we explained above so your e-bike starts. We are confident they can help you in such a dire situation, and these techniques are proven to help an electric bike. All it will take is a little bit of quick thinking, and some smart action, and you can start your bike without a key. 

Moreover, always make sure you have spares, and store your electric bike keys safely. 

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