Revealed: What Electric Bike Does Jesse Wellens Have?

As the world is gradually getting engulfed by electric bikes, no one is immune to their charm, especially not famous people. One of the big names in the YouTube community for stunts, adventures, and pranks, vlogger Jesse Wellens boasts over 10 million followers and is always on the hunt for something. Be it an adventure or anything else, he takes his viewers and fans around with him.

Jesse Wellens

Another thing about Jesse Wellens is his interest in the wonders of electric bikes. Naturally, he has to have a special model that he can flaunt around to his fans. So if you wonder what kind of bike he rides then you will get all answers today. 

Jesse Wellens has the dynamic and one-of-a-kind Super73 Rose Ave electric bike that was made in collaboration with him. The electric bike is a unique and stunning addition to the Power73 family.

Jesse Wellens e-bike

Let’s talk more about it so you can know what makes it so special.

Rose Ave by Lithium Cycles

The Rose Ave is a one-of-a-kind model and therefore it is a limited-edition mini e-bike in the Scout series of Super73. Created around 2017, the electric bike has the same moniker as the album of the vlogger it was released in collaboration with, Jesse Wellens. His album is the electric bike’s namesake. 

rose ave

With the model’s classic and rugged look, the laid-back demeanor that gives it the extra edge, and the rather simple build, you can bet anything it is going to catch your eye. 

If you are into minimalism or have a penchant for the artistic stuff then this one is going to capture your attention like no other. 

Rose Ave e-bike

Rose Ave Overview

Read on to get all the deets on the e-bike

The Big Reveal

Now let’s get to the good part. Back when the electric bike came to the scene, Wellens did a special reveal on his channel garnering millions of views and showing his viewers this stunning bike. 

Jesse Wellens with Rose Ave

Safe to say it had everyone going wow and wondering how they can get their hands on it. Jesse rode around in it and waxed lyrical about it so we are going to do a little overview and tell you more about this bike. 

Rose Ave wheels


The model Rose Ave is a variation on Super73’s Scout and has been among the best-selling products owing to its good price, high league parts, and very unique design. 

Rose Ave design

It features the battery on the fuel tank, has a back hub-mounted motor, a handlebar-mounted screen display that shows the odometer and speedometer, and pedals. The bike has an epic frame of stainless steel and entails various upgrades from the base model like the intense bright LED light, and the motorbike-style rears light.

The Frame

What sets apart the Rose Ave is its frame which is less bulky than the S1 and is designed to give the rider a convenient riding experience. 

rose ave e-bikes

The frame is stainless steel rendering it lighter. It comes with an exclusive onyx matte powder coat finish. 

Pedal Assist Levels

The model has pedals featuring a three-level pedal-assist labeled Low, Medium, and High.

The low level gives a slight electric assist while you provide extra pedal power. Medium balances the pedal and the motor power. Lastly, High gives significant power with very little pedaling effort.  

pedal assist


If you are wondering about the motor then it has a Bafang 1000W which hits the top speed of 20mph on the throttle and accelerates to 25 mph with the pedal assist. 


Its battery is 14.5, a decent capacity for a mini e-bike. This makes the bike’s range up to 35-40 miles but it also depends on the user’s input. 

rose ave battery

Where are Super73 Bikes Made?

The manufacturer’s Super 73 is based in Irvine California. Their bikes are made in-house in their factory in California. Moreover, they also claim to use local suppliers and promote supporting the economy.

What Bike Does Simon Cowell Ride?

When discussing electric bikes and famous people we of course cannot forget Simon Cowell

simon cowell

He’s known to be a cycling enthusiast and he rides the best of the best no matter the price tag. Let us touch on it a little. 

simon cowell e-bike

M1 Spritzing

The choice for an e-bike buff like Simon Cowell is the M1 Spritzing. It is a pedal-assist e-bike made by German manufacturers. 

M1 Spritzing

A mountain bike in its realm, the M1 Spitzing is much on the heavier side and everything on it is bigger and better. It’s plus tires, carbon frame, and massive battery make this electric bike a beast of a creation. 

M1 Spritzing e-bike

The 877 Wh battery hangs under the down tube and gives even more volume to the already imposing e-bike. It features a TQ 500 motor and a top speed of 45mph.


There you go! Everything you wanted to know about the electric bike Jesse Wellens cherishes and rides, we have explained above. No doubt the e-bike is an exclusive release and has much to offer at a rather low price tag.  

So if you have been thinking of getting your hands on it, we have explained all you need to know.


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