How to Lock an Electric Bike? Everything to Know

Who isn’t enthralled by the concept of an e-bike? They have become such a hot commodity. Riding around merely in the e-bike without any physical strain or exhaustion and you can even do long commutes, conserve energy and save up on gas prices. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like the idea of an electric bicycle.

So it should come as no surprise that thieves love e-bikes as much as the next person. In fact, in the past years, the electric bike theft has seen quite a surge making people wonder how to lock electric bikes that will make all the difference?

To lock up the e-bike the right way you must secure the bike’s entire frame and use two bike locks or more and avoid any shady places for parking. Moreover, lock up your bike parts, such as the battery too because that’s a crucial component.

After all, no one wants to lose their e-bike to a thief for these are not cheap objects. E-bikes can be pricey and their batteries even more so. And yes batteries are a solid target of bike thieves too.

Today we will talk about everything to do with e-bike security and how to lock up an electric bike.

Ebike Theft- A Glance

You must have heard a tragic tale of someone who brought their favorite e-bike after so long and shortly after it got stolen. It shocks and baffles you because e-bikes are not something with a small price tag.

They are pretty much investments because we are talking about the amount in thousands. So what happens?

It could be anything. You either make your e-bike so easy to steal and access or skip over some details that make your e-bike a super easy target to be whisked away.

The main question is: are electric bikes easy to steal? If you make it easy then you bet your top dollar no one with ill intent is going to wait another second before grabbing your beloved bike and riding away on it.

They would sell it in a heartbeat and make good dough. This is why you have to take some extreme measures. Wondering how to secure your bike? This is exactly what we will talk about and we are going to dig deep into all you can do to ensure you are making it as difficult as possible for those greedy crooks to try and steal your precious bike. It’s all in the locking tricks.

We will get into details about how to securely lock your electric bicycle and why you should pay attention to your battery.

How to Lock up Electric Bike to avoid theft?:

Let’s get to the good part now, shall we? Trust us that when we are done telling you all the tricks, your e-bike will be hard to steal, deterring the thieves.

Lock That Frame

First things first, you must secure your bike frame the best you can. Don’t just get a basic lock and weave it through the wheels thinking it’s all going to be okay. No. Thieves are always one step ahead of you so you have to be vigilant.

e-bike lock

What you must do is snake your lock smartly through the main frame of your e-bike which is in a triangulation shape. Get a good quality lock combination, weaving it through the triangular layout and securing it with some other fixed object. This will make it next to impossible to get the bike free from that object. It could be another vehicle, a beam, or a post.

Grab That Front Wheel

Sounds weird? Believe us, you need to listen to this one. Sure the bike rack securing sounds solid enough but it could still leave some gaps from where the thieves can sneak in with their wit. This is why there is another step thrown into the mix so we can tie all loose ends.

Remove your front wheel and this is essential for those with bikes that feature axles with quick release.

It can always be a smart approach to take out your front wheel and then lock it through your e bike’s frame and then lock it with some fixed object. Such locking systems ensure maximum security. However, ideally, a long enough lock would suffice you the best. You can weave it through your e-bike’s main triangle and rear wheel. Give less room for an easy escape.

e-bike lock frame

Nonetheless, an e-bike that is disassembled is always going to present a picture that makes a bike thief think twice before messing with it as it requires work, time, and effort. A task that is supposed to be quick and breezy for a crook suddenly turns into a complex mix of struggle and intellect then it is going to make anyone back off especially when they are in a time crunch.

Multiple Locks? Yes Please!

Your goal is to make the perpetrator rue the day they decided to stumble upon your bike with bad intent. Adding another lock to the mix might sound overkill in the already complicated web of locks you are weaving but it is going to be like a cherry on top.

E-bikes are smart vehicles which means they have many quick release options and you want to cover all bases.

Put your bicycle seat tube through the rear spokes then lock your seat stay with the saddle rail using a padlock. This secures your bike like no one’s business and what it essentially does is hinders the rear wheel from moving or rolling.

multiple e-bike locks

What’s a bike thief going to do in the face of such blatant hindrances? Give up.

Home Locking

When you come back home then don’t automatically assume that your bike is safe. You must prevent theft and keep your e-bike locked. Leaving your bike vulnerable is a big no.

Additional Tips to Securing Bike

Below are some helpful tips for bike security.

Don’t Flaunt It on the Street

Sure it can be tempting to scream and shout and tell everyone about your epic e-bike and make everyone envious of you. We get it. But you never know how covetous someone can be to want to steal your e-bike. Enjoy your ride but don’t shove it in people’s sight every chance you get. Getting too many eyes on your things is never a smart thing to do.

Protect your e-bike and keep it in the shed, garage, or inside the house. A bike thief will always spend extra and unhurried time scoping out your neighborhood, assessing the surrounding before their next move. Never keep it in plain sight.

Park Safely

Always park your e-bike in a secure and public place designated for bike parking. A great idea is to choose well-lit areas and avoid pathways or sidewalks.

Be Smart

If you have a stolen e-bike situation then recording the serial number will help you file a report and lay claim to your e-bike for any insurance. You don’t have to be completely helpless.

e-bike lock chain

Moreover, why not use modern technology to your advantage? Some e-bikes come with GPS tracking technology and therefore you can always keep up with the location of your e-bike. In the unfortunate event that it is not where you left it, you can track its whereabouts.

Locking Battery

Another important aspect of the whole e-bike security detail is locking your accessories with the best locks, namely the most important thing: the battery. Replacing it is costly and no one wants to experience that.

e-bike lock battery

Can You Lock the Battery on an E-bike?

Yes, absolutely! You can lock your battery to your frame using the lock options like:

  • U Locks: These locks are steel with a bar that goes across its open part and connects to the ends. U lock is rather rigid but a good option.

Folding locks: Want to save space while locking? Then grab a folding lock. These locks use a series of extending and interlocking plates. Extend as you want and when not in use, you fold the locks.

e-bike folding lock
  • Cable Locks: Lastly, the classic cable lock is yet another great option for battery protection as you weave it and click the lock in place.


E-bikes may be one of the hot topics of discussion in the past years due to their endless wonders and high demand, but know that such vehicles are coveted by people a great deal. Bike theft is at an all-time high. Therefore they can be stolen and many people would love to get their hands on your e-bike no matter what methods are necessary. It is up to you to secure your bicycle properly and make it extra hard for anyone to access it easily.

We have discussed all the aspects of how to lock your bike with you so follow them and keep your precious bikes away from the malice of bike thieves. Ensure to cover all bases and we are confident you never have to worry about your e-bike being in the hands of anyone you don’t want. Happy riding!


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