How Much for an Electric Bike? Everything to Know

electric bike cost

Cycling an e-bike is similar to cycling a traditional bike, but with the extra benefit of a battery. Additionally, possessing motor power with pedaling help has several benefits.

Before we begin with the cost-breaking of electric bicycles, let us go through a brief passage where we get to know about the benefits of riding electric bikes.

One might believe that since the bicycle is motorized and requires minimal labor to operate, it isn’t a workout. The fact is that regardless of pedaling aid, cyclists must still bike, resulting in cardiovascular exercise.

It’s a wonderful cardiovascular workout that may help you gain strength and stamina.

Pedal assistance in e-bikes provides a stimulus to cyclists. It assists with slopes, elevation changes, and rougher surfaces by making the ride calmer and decreasing joint tension. It also encourages those to ride bikes who would otherwise be unable to do so with a mountain bike or traditional bikes due to physical limitations.

You can also bike for extended periods without becoming physically exhausted.

E-bikes make riding more approachable, and individuals seem to be more inclined to utilize them since they are simpler to operate and provide a similar activity with much less commitment.

Cycling an e-bike gets people exercising and out in the air, even if they are usually inactive. This movement, variety of landscapes, and good air quality can help you enhance your emotions, relieve stress, have a better night’s sleep, and be more productive.

Electric Bikes Cost

On average, electric bicycles will range anything between $600 upwards of $8000. There aren’t many good e-bikes below $1000, and typically popular e-bikes range somewhere around $1500 and $4000.

A good quality electric bike will come with a higher price because of the expensive components and often the addition of extra features also add to the cost. Additionally, purpose-built e-bikes come with a comparatively higher price tag since they have more powerful motors than the ones used for daily commute and leisure.

Further in this article, we have broken down the general electric bike cost to better help you understand their higher cost and also to give you a rough idea as to what should be the right price of the e-bike you want to buy.

Electric Bike Batteries

The battery is among the greatest important components of the electric bikes; lacking this, users will not be prepared to acquire advantage of all of their e bike’s advantages. Lithium-ion batteries are used in practically all-electric bikes these days.

This is because they are lighter, more portable, and also have a better energy content than other types of batteries. Lithium-ion ones are primarily sold according to their capacity. The storage capacity, also known as the power capacity, is the greatest quantity of electricity that could be taken from the batteries.

The cost of an electric bike is mainly decided by this factor. The average price range of a lithium-ion battery is as described further. In 2021, lithium-ion battery rucksack costs were $132 each kW-h, dropping from $140 in 2020, while battery costs averaged nearly $101 per k watt-hours.

You can work on cost savings and find them at lower prices from your local bike shops easily as well, rather than going after big brand names.

Another factor to consider while talking about e-bike batteries is whether the electric bike battery is detachable or fixed. A removable battery is often bigger and costlier, and the framework requires additional supports and pieces such as a latch and connections, all of which add to the overall weight.

An integrated battery is much easier to incorporate in a manner that is (nearly) unnoticeable to the user from a design standpoint.

Electric Bike Frame

Those of you who have been riding an electric bike for quite some time know how important an electric bike frame can be. Particularly if you plan to ride it in rugged conditions and uneven terrain, then you should invest in a more robust electric mountain bike with a finer pedal assist and superior electric bike technology.

You can visit your local bike shop to have a look at the different types of frames for e-bikes. This is particularly recommended if this purchase is going to be your first electric bike purchase.

Generally speaking, various elements, such as titanium, iron, and aluminum, are used to construct an e-bike chassis.

Titanium is indeed a robust but lightweight element that is suitable for mountain bicycle construction. Most electric bike companies employ titanium as more than just a safety feature because it bends well while maintaining its structural integrity.

Steel is also incorporated in the construction of electric bicycle frames. It creates bicycle frames that seem to be compact and comfortable. Although this element is long-lasting, it is susceptible to corrosion.

Another element used to create electric bicycle frames is aluminum. It’s tough, and it can manufacture frames to fit cyclists of different shapes and dimensions. Although aluminum frames do not corrode fast, they are extremely vulnerable to destruction in the case of a mishap.

Maintenance Costs

Just like every other electrical item, these electric bikes also require regular maintenance, and more often if you go trail riding and off-road riding often. Your type of riding determines how often and how much maintenance will be required. The costs of maintenance will also be impacted by this.

The main things which will require maintenance after regular intervals will be the motor, disc brakes, brake adjustment, and if required then replacement battery pack as well. Other than that, flat tires and the requirement of a tune-up can also add to the overall cost.

An electric bicycle, for the very right reasons, requires more maintenance allowance than any standard bike would. Investing in a relatively cheap electric bicycle will only help you save your one-off cost of an electric bike but will surely give a boost to your recurring cost so beware of this.

Electric Bikes and Their Max Speed

The velocity of electric bikes is among the foremost often asked topics regarding bikes. The very initial factor to keep in mind would be that, although having an engine, electric bikes are indeed bicycles.

An E-bike within Europe could possess a peak output of 250 watts, allowing it to reach a terminal velocity of 25 km/h. The regulations are distinct in the United States. Here, E-bike batteries with a peak capacity of 500 watts may help at speeds of approximately 20 mph (32 km/h).

Electric bikes with a top speed of 45 km/h are also available (28 mph). Pedelecs are what they’re called. An E-support bike’s level can be exceeded, but if you hit the maximum speed limit, the engine will cease assisting you.

Price ranges of electric bikes are also affected based on their maximum speed. This factor usually comes in handy when you are buying a bike for mountain trails or steep hills.

Types of Electric Bike

Folding Electric Bike

They are the ideal commuting bicycle. Because of their utility, they are simple to carry on mass transit. You may bring them around with you and not have to fret about them being robbed.

Electric Bike With Hub Motors

One of the wheels has a motor integrated inside it that distributes electricity to it. These motorcycles are separated into two sorts right away: front hub motor but also rear hub motor.

The fundamental distinction is that whereas riding a bicycle in the earlier scenario feels like the engine is tugging you, in the later trial it feels like the motor is shoving you. Cycling a rear hub motor electric bike is similar to riding a traditional bicycle.

E-Bike With Mid Drive Motor

The engine is positioned in the center of the e-bike, near the pedals, rather than on one of the wheels. It does not provide power to the wheels instantly, but rather to the gearbox.

Since the motor contacts both wheels immediately via the gearbox, cycling an electric bike such as this becomes even more like pedaling a regular bike.


Cycling an e-bike for sure is much fun, but it all comes with a cost. The price of the vast majority of e-bikes is generally very high and the major factor in this is their battery.

This article has given you a fair idea about the cost breakdown of electric bikes so that you know what should be the right price when bargaining about the cost of a bike with the seller.

Purchasing an electric road bike is quite similar to purchasing a regular bike, so you should not be having any troubles as long as you understand the cost breakage and the general price range, then you are good to go.

We hope you find your desired electric bike in your preferred price range so that you may get to ride it and enjoy the many perks it has to offer.


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