How Many Hours Does an Electric Bike Battery Last?

When it comes to electric bikes, the convenience is unlike no other. You can ride around merrily without getting tired of worrying about exerting yourself physically. In the e bike world, batteries are at the core of it all. They are the main driving force of the electric bike and are what makes it go. The mobility is unmatched because you only have to worry about the battery and nothing else.

Electric Bike Battery

But there is an important thing with batteries which is wondering how long does an electric bike battery last?

Of course with the battery’s own health and functionality, if you take care of things on your end and maintain it better then you can have prolonged riding hours.

Your electric bike battery must last a good while because you don’t want to end up stranded somewhere with a depleted ebike battery and the cluelessness of how it all came to be.

Generally, a typical electric bike battery can last for 2 to 4 years. However, the battery charges for around 3 to 6 hours, once done, it can easily go many miles and give you uninterrupted and stress-free riding.

Today, we are going to deep dive into how long electric bike batteries last, how you can improve their lives, and some other important questions and concerns.

Ebike Batteries- Everything To Know

We have attempted our best to cover all the questions so we can lay it all out for you. We have composed a handful of important queries about electric bike batteries so let’s tackle all of them one at a time.

Battery Types

Of course, with an electric bike battery, you have got a few things to consider. For instance, how long an electric bike battery charges last will also depend on what battery type you are using.

Below we have categorized the three types of batteries and the charge cycles they can offer. A charge cycle is when a battery goes from zero to full.

Lithium-ion batteries

The most commonly used batteries in ebikes, the lithium batteries can go on for a long while giving you charge cycles of 1000.

Nickel batteries

They offer charge cycles of 500.

Lead batteries

They can give charge cycles of 300.

How Long Do Electric Bikes Last on One Charge

When you fully charge your electric bike’s battery on a single charge, you can expect it to go 40+miles very easily and should not have any trouble worrying about it any time soon. As electric bike battery is mainly lithium-ion batteries, they have a good life and can last you well on one charge cycle.

Electric Bike Battery installation

However, there is something that you need to keep in mind.

The Terrain

If your charged bike’s battery is all set and your terrain is uphill then know it will use and exert more power which means it will drain out more battery. Therefore even if the distance is short but if some roads or paths require more power from the ebike then it will use more battery.

Therefore, your electric bike’s battery ends up working harder than it would on a flat area or downhill roads.

For folks that use their electric bike for going to work or school, the standard battery life is ideal to last them in their everyday locations. One charge and they will be good to go for a long period. If you reside a couple of blocks or even a few miles away from your daily commute destinations then instead of going on foot or using other modes, an e bike can go well.

Furthermore getting around in your city is much easier with e bike and one charge cycle can last all day. But it also depends on how far you are traveling and what kind of road it is.

How Often Should You Charge An E Bike’s Battery?

Another important question that comes to mind is how often do you need to charge your electric bike and for it, a few things factor in before we can give you a straight answer. Generally, it’s better to charge your electric bike every day if you intend to use it daily.

The moment you are done with the day and get back to your home that is the best time when you can put your bike battery on charge lest you forget about charging it for hours on end.

You must keep your battery fully charged at all times so that you can use it any time anywhere. That way you never have to feel stuck if you need the assistance of your electric bike but the battery is not ready to serve you.

Be Careful and Attentive

The best course of action is to reach home and then plug your battery in for charging. After you are done with your activities and ready to hit the hay then you can take the charger off. That way you can avoid overcharging.

But if you find your battery is not charged enough then no worries. When you wake up in the morning you can plug it in again and let it juice up some more.

It heavily depends on your schedule and what kind of life you lead that allows you to remember plugging and unplugging your battery on time. The method we explained above can be a good rule to follow.

This way you will always have a battery that has power in it even if it might not be full. And since it is like a routine then you are less likely to forget about the battery on recharge.

How Long Does an Electric Bike Battery Take To Charge?

When talking average, an electric bike’s battery can take up to 4-7 hours to fully charge. The very first time you begin charging your e bike, keep around 9 hours in your mind. The battery is completely new and empty and therefore needs an uninterrupted load of charging to get it going.

Electric Bike Battery charging

The time a battery can take for charging is important and therefore we feel the need to mention it because knowing the right time will benefit you and your battery. It will maximize your battery’s charge and there is no worrying about overcharging it. However, if the battery has partial charge already then it can take anywhere up to 7 hours for it to recharge fully.

We strongly recommend checking in with the manufacturer of the battery as this can be the best way of getting all the information you need. A battery’s charge time can vary from brand to brand. You can easily find the info and specifications on the website of the manufacturers or consult the user manual.

A full battery will not only allow your electric bike to run smoothly but also amps up its performance potential. With appropriate charging practices, you can expect the battery to run well for years.

Overnight Charge

Another thought that pops into the head of many e bike riders is if they can put their battery for overnight charging. Not everyone wants to stay hanging and worry about unplugging the battery.

What we can say is that you may leave the battery for overnight charging for the fully charged battery requires 6 to 7 hours. If you are a regular bike user and your waking up time aligns with the battery’s charging time then you can leave it overnight.

However, it compels mentioning that every bike does not charge similarly. Therefore always take to the user manual.

Overcharging Ebike Battery

Wondering if you can overcharge your battery? Then yes you can and know that it is bound to mess with your battery’s life span and performance and may even cause irreparable damage. That means your battery will end up wearing out very soon if you keep up the overcharging act.

It is best to avoid overcharging your battery and think of ways you can schedule the charging. Grab a timer every time you plug your battery in for juicing it up, that way you won’t forget to pull the plug.

Making Battery Last Longer

Most riders always think about ways they can optimize their ebike usage and you will be happy to know that there are ways you can prolong your battery life and get assistance from something that helps save battery. You can opt for pedal assistance.

With electric bikes, you get the choice of letting the battery be in full command of operation or having it just assist you. Go for the pedal assist.

Moreover storing your battery the right way is another critical matter for securing its lifespan. Only keep it in a cool and dry place and away from direct sunlight or any other heat source.

Do Electric Bikes Charge when you Pedal?

Many brands have created electric bikes which can charge while you pedal. Because as you generate energy in pedaling, you don’t need to charge your battery very often.

Electric Bike Battery life

If you want to find out about your ebike charging while pedaling then go ahead and search on it. Go to your specific battery company website to get the information you need or you can always contact customer service for detail about stuff.

While it is not a common feature in an e bike’s battery, you never know.

Pedal Assist and Battery Life

On the whole, the pedal assist does save your battery life as it increases the battery and reduces the instances for you to charge the battery.

When you ride on your bike you can either let the motor do all the work or you could go manual and pedal it out. The other option is the pedal-assist which combines both pedal and the motor. You can decide what the level should be for the motor to help as you choose from low to high.

As compared to solely using your motor and battery, the pedal assists help save much battery while your ride because in this manner you contribute to your bike’s battery life and power while using it.

This can be very helpful in a situation where you find your battery low, just pedal it

How Much Does it Cost to Replace an E Bike Battery?

Last but never the least, let us end things on another important aspect. Knowing how much it can cost you for a replaced battery and be warned that it is not gonna be a small price tag.

cost of Electric Bike Battery

It can cost around 200$ to 800$ if you want to replace the battery and it depends on what brand you use. It is no secret that the battery is among the priciest components of the electric bike so when it messes up you can expect to have a dent in your wallet.

Furthermore, sans a warranty, it can be a tad expensive to replace the battery. When you purchase a battery the warranty either comes with or you can go for it later for extra money. Warranties can be great lifesavers if something happens to your battery.

Avoiding high costs can be possible if, when you need a new battery, you can hit up the company and ask if they can support you in any way like offering a lower price. If they don’t facilitate you with the expense then you can look up popular vendor sites for the battery model you want and find the best price.


The battery is at the heart of what an electric bike is all about therefore keeping it going well is integral. The whole point of an electric bike is to help you in commuting with ease so keeping yourself informed on all things battery is the best option so you can steer clear of any problems. Many aspects impact electric bike batteries so know that knowledge is indeed power.

We are confident we touched upon all the core topics and questions and you can learn all you need to regarding electric bike batteries and their lifespan.


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