How long does a 48v electric bike battery last? Everything to Know

Electric bikes are by far the greatest fashionable bikes on the marketplace today now, and their demand is growing all the time. They’re dependable, simple to pedal, and economical, and they’re enabling people to work and move more sustainably.

Electric bikes may speed up your trip by making pedaling feel smooth and helping you to retain your activity levels for extended periods. They also make maintaining a consistent pace and getting back up to tempo after coasting much simpler. They also run a long distance before needing their batteries to be replaced.

Even for expert mountain bikers who routinely participate in this workout, electric mountain bikes tend to be a “great source of aerobic or cardiovascular workout,” according to research.

Types of Electric Bike

1- Electric bike for commuters/hybrids

Arguably the most common type since they may be used for a range of tasks like transportation, recreational riding, and everyday tasks. A hybrid bike is precisely what the name suggests: a cross between a street and a mountain bicycle.

The outcome is an electric bike that can be ridden for a variety of purposes and over a variety of conditions, hence why the majority of hybrids are operated for traveling. In principle, if you’re cycling long distances, a road bike will get you there faster.

However, hybrid bikes are fully competent for traversing lengthy journeys and may be more convenient for you; also they come with a long life so your investment will be usable for a longer time before needing to be replaced.

2- Off-road electric bikes

Consumers are finding how a little electric support genuinely swings itself into off-road in which the pedaling can get extremely rough, hence electric mountain bikes are rising in prominence.

Electric off-road bikes are designed to handle any condition. Off-road E-bikes may let you travel further than you ever imagined practicable by blending electric power with your muscular strength to provide the most optimal and comfortable e-bike riding performance conceivable and save on fuel cost.

3- Electric Bikes for Cargo

An excellent application for excess capacity, enabling you to transport things that would generally be difficult to transport by bike. An e-cargo bicycle (commonly referred to as an electric cargo bicycle) is a cargo-carrying bike, tricycle, or even quadricycle that is powered by electricity.

These bikes are available in a multitude of forms and dimensions and can deliver a range of things, including food, gifts, and heavy products.

Cargo bikes are strong bicycles designed to transport huge items and, in many cases, three or even more passengers. The bicycles come in a variety of lengths and designs, with 2 or 3 tires, and a wider chassis than a regular bicycle, with room for carrying stuff in the forward or rear.

4- Foldable Electric Bikes

When it comes to practicality, a foldable e-bike is a way to go. Not merely may you compress it, transport it, and stow it conveniently, but you can also transport it with you almost everywhere. To transport it, you wouldn’t require a costly vehicle luggage rack or truck.

E-bikes that fold up to conserve room and reduce docking anxiety. Unlike larger cars, you can fit your bicycle into a parking spot. Similarly, when a big number of people ride e-bikes, greater space is created.

Types of Electric bike batteries

You should initially learn the language used to define e-bike batteries before actually choosing the best battery for your e-bike. These should help you comprehend your batteries properly.


The pace with which electrons flow is described by voltage; higher voltage equals faster movement. Volts is another name for it. It is the discrepancy among two conductors’ electric potentials (Live along with Neutral conductors). An e bicycle battery should have a voltage rating of 400 volts.


The electric energy measurement is done with the unit of ampere. On a worldwide level, it is a measuring unit. The width or thickness of a conduit having flowing water across it is measured in amperes. A bigger pipeline with a greater water intake per second means more amperes.


A typical power measurement is the Watt. The greater the wattage, the greater power your electric bicycle can generate. In addition, one (1) watt is equivalent to one (1) voltage times one (1) ampere.

What Voltage is Best for Electric Bike?

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Cycling an e bike has several advantages that end up making it an attractive option for many bikers. Enhancing your effectiveness and endurance allows you to bike for far longer distances than you could ever through your own.

Lithium-ion batteries are small, compact, and rapid to recharge. They also last a long period; having a generally longer lifespan. Recognizing how batteries work will assist you in selecting the finest e-bike for your requirements.

A 48-volt as well, as well as a 52-volt battery, in electric motorcycles. Capacity anthand efficiency is the main differences between the two: a 52V battery has higher functionality. A higher-voltage cell is more efficient, consuming lesser energy while providing similar or slightly greater power to the bike.

A 52V battery also has a higher life expectancy. Nevertheless, the once-popular 36V battery choice has lost appeal due to its inferior performance either to the 48V or 52V cells.

48 volts

48V systems reach the happy medium, distributing power more efficiently all across the car and maximizing motor attachments as well as other electronics. Increased energy production is also possible with higher-voltage systems. The battery in the system is much more effective. If treated properly, a 48 volts battery has to last around 3 and 5 years.

Even if it isn’t operated, a lithium cell will gradually lose capability and capacity. A 48V electric bike has a top speed of around 20 mph (32 kmh). The 48V e-bike batteries are better for steep terrain.

52 volts

The efficiency of a 52V battery is superior. A 52v battery will boost our e bike’s speed and strength. Maximum voltage engines provide more energy while producing less waste versus lower voltage motors. Because 52V batteries get a bigger battery size, they will also have a greater reach. Whenever a motor requires extra power, a 52V battery can give it.

The engine can also function in a wider operating voltage using 52V batteries. When running under the same circumstances, 52V batteries might enable your engine to draw less flow (amps). When employed in cooler temperatures, 52V batteries will perform more effectively than 48V batteries.

Why is a 48 volts battery preferred for e bikes?

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A 48V electric bike battery will provide a higher current, ranging from 10 to 40 amps. With such 48V E-bike batteries, you can go quicker. A 48V electric bike has a terminal velocity of around 20 mph (32 km).

The riding endurance of pumped electric bikes varies from 40 to 100 miles, determined by a variety of criteria such as battery capacity, average velocity, topography, cyclist mass, and much more. The normal range of a small 48V or 36V electric bike battery is just 15-35 miles each recharge.

What is the battery life of a 48V electric bike?

A typical electric bike battery is a 48V Lithium-Ion electric bike battery with a range of 45 kilometers on a single recharge. Bicycle batteries can store a lot of energy and keep it for a prolonged period. Individuals must be permitted to operate an electric bike whenever they want during the workday.

How often Should 48v ebike batteries be charged?

As stated many times in the above article as well, charge cycles and battery life mostly depend upon battery type. A 48v lithium-ion battery will usually keep your electric bicycles going on for a day. But as with every other else electronic new electric bike’s battery will run for long periods as compared to most commonly used batteries.

A fully charged electric bike battery is bound to keep you fueled for whatever tasks you have planned for the day and generally speaking, a 48v e bike battery needs to charge once a day only.

How to Store a 48 v ebike battery?

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To keep the battery life extended and also to increase its lifespan, you need to follow a proper procedure on how to store it.

If at all feasible, maintain it at steady, cooler weather. To prevent the electric bicycle batteries from overheating, maintain them in a clean, moderate location. Lengthy storage of the e bike battery is best done in a shed, cellar, or loft. A good rule is to keep them out of any heat source and store them in a cool and dry place to increase their lifespan.

Allowing the battery to go empty is not a good idea. The smaller the accessible energy, the hard it will be for a batter to absorb it. As a result, it’s a smart option to keep the electric bicycle batteries at a minimum of 30-40% recharged on any occasion as it increases the lifespan as well.

Try to keep it on full charge but avoid overcharging since it reduces the lifespan. However, it is often advisable to not fully charged the battery always as well. Be sure to ask your battery supplier about this. The charge cycle should be one per day for most lithium-ion batteries.

Batteries deteriorate performance over time when they are left inactive; if you do have the opportunity, request a call with one of the most current production dates to guarantee that your replacement battery would be in the best shape possible. This will ensure that your battery lasts a long period of ride.

You can be certain that one’s electric bike battery and the engine will create heat if you ride it at 100% all or most of the time. If you need to cycle at full power, go ahead and do so, but just for a brief period before easing off and giving your batteries a rest.

Batteries want to be filled gradually. A cell will raise the temperature if you force excessive power into it for a brief period. Use smart chargers if possible to reduce the gap between charge cycles. The quantity of current passing from the plug socket to the battery may be controlled via a slider on smart chargers. Smart chargers also tend to charge your battery faster and reduce the charge cycle.

The length of time it takes to recharge the lithium-ion batteries and the lesser the gap between charge cycles, the less the power (in amp-hours) you choose. This should be done whenever feasible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the ideal electric bike voltage?

On average, between the 24V, 36V, as well as 48V electric motorcycles, 52 Volts is the optimum voltage. This is because the 52V battery has the greatest critical current. As a result, it is the most efficient and powerful. Greater volts equals more power in theory and they also increase the gap between charge cycles.

48V versus 52V Batteries: What’s the Variation?

Strength and efficiency are the key differences between the two: The functionality of a 52V battery is superior. A higher-voltage cell is more efficient, consuming less power while providing similar or slightly better performance to the bicycle.

What is the top speed of the 48-volt electric bike?

In principle, a 48v 1000w electrical bicycle can travel up to 38 mph on the median, with an endurance of 10 to 12 miles while traveling at maximum throughput.

Is a 48v electric bike battery worth it?

An e-bike battery having 48v is a good option. It offers a good battery life. Particularly if your battery type is lithium batteries, then you can ensure that it will give you a good range and longer performance.

What leads a battery towards irreparable damage?

Strong voltages, temperature, motion, quick loading, and overcharging all hasten the rate of “aging.” It can also occur as a result of improper servicing, absorption from excessive under-hood warmth, or overcharging.


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