How Do You Use the Bosch E-bike Display? Everything to Know

Bosch, a well-reputed and famous name in the world of e-bikes. The company never fails to wow its many loyal customers by bringing out new, improved, and smart innovations. The Bosch Purion displays are no exception to the rule.

However, with new technology, those who might not be very tech-savvy may get lost. It can take some time to get a hang of things.

Many people inquire about using the Bosch Purion display and today we will answer all your questions.

bosch e-bike display

The display is very easy to use with the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons doing it all. You can always take to the Bosch Purion display manual for any guidance. You must understand the basics and you will be good to go.

So let’s dive into it, shall we?

All About the Purion Display

The Purion is a small and minimalist onboard computer for your bike with the Bosch motor system.

Its minimalistic yet compact design proffers a straightforward and pleasantly neat-looking cockpit with a very simple and easy-to-understand user interface.


As for the location of the Purion display, you will find it on your handlebars’ left side. The unique position is intended to give the rider quick and easy access.

The ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons are a quick left thumb reach away.

Using the Purion Display

Time to get to the crux of it all. Now we will get into the details of how you can use the display. We will keep things concise and clear for your understanding. Thankfully the company has kept things very simple so everyone can grasp them quickly.

Turning On

First things first, pressing the Power button located on the display’s top corner will wake the screen up. A white backlight will be the indicator that the display is on alongside illuminating essentials like the trip statistics, battery status, and speed options.

bosch purion

How To change the display on Bosch Purion?

This is the part where many are baffled and don’t know how they can change the display of their Purion. So let us help you out.

The moment your Purion is on, three rows will be there on your screen: The top row is speed. The middle one is the trip statistics which depicts the estimated battery range. The bottom one is the battery icon where every bar shows around 20% of the remaining charge

e-bike display unit

Combination Game

With the help of specific combinations involving the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons, you control the information on the screen.

How to Switch Units?

Are more comfortable with miles rather than kilometers or vice versa? There is a quick way of doing it. Just hold the ‘-‘ button then tap the Power button only once.

Information Toggling in Statistics Row

If you wish to browse around and toggle through the information in the trip statistics then you press plus hold ‘-‘ which enables you to toggle between various kinds of information appearing to change menus. . For instance:

Range EstimatE

This gives the estimate on how further your e-bike can do on e-assist, the charge it currently holds, and your last e-bike ride data.

The E-Assist Mode

The e-assists range levels from Eco to Turbo


The odometer shows the total distance traveled by your bike.

The Trip Distance

Your latest trip distance

Reset Trip Distance

Want to start things fresh?

Simply press- hold ‘-‘ then press-hold ‘+’ buttons. A quick icon will appear on the screen reading “RESET” allowing you to rest your trip to zero.

Some Motor Functions

Time to switch up some motor functions on your bike.

Using its Walk Mode

Your e-bike offers walk-assist functionality. It is an ingenious addition to the mix as it gives some assistance if you are walking alongside your bike and pushing it instead of riding on it.

bosch electric bike display

How to Activate Walk Mode in the Bosch e-bike display?

A few clicks and you get the walk mode enabled. First, you need to ensure that your bike is in any of the e-assist levels for the walk assist will fail to enable if your e-bike is off.

Now then, a quick press on the Walk button located on the lower side of your Purion display. As the icon stating “WALK+” instantly appears on your monitor, quickly press the ‘+’ button for a few seconds but you must hold the button for utilizing the Walk Assist.

The E-Assist Mode

Worry not for we have not forgotten about teaching you how to switch between the four levels of the e-assist option.

As your Bosch Purion controller is up, your e-bike’s electric motor is by default in the Off mode. With one press on ‘+’, the e-assist is on. Then you can utilize the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons for rummaging through the assist level options that range from Eco (lowest), Tour, Sport, and Turbo (fastest).


So you see, navigating the Bosch Purion display is pretty simple and very easy. We hope you can find all the core functionalities from above and if something still feels amiss you can always take to the manual which will cover all the aspects of the e-bike and display. You can download it from Bosch’s website.


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