[Guide] How to get a free electric bike?

A motorized bicycle with an integrated battery for propulsion is known as an electric bicycle. E-bikes are immensely popular among teenagers and young adults of all ages. These bikes are energy-efficient and intelligent. It is a zero-emission mode of transportation.

Moreover, it has a wide range of health and other physical advantages. It is a versatile and quick alternative. However, e-bikes are somewhat expensive. But, you may get an electric bike for free. We’ll show you how to get a free electric bike in this article.

How to get a free e bike?

How to get a free e bike?

You can get a free e-bike through a few different programs. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Colorado’s Free E-Bike Program

The Colorado Energy Office and Bicycle Colorado unveiled a trial initiative to provide low-income essential employees with free electric bicycles to help them get around Denver.

The “Can Do Colorado” initiative attempts to make it easier for employees to find work. The country is attempting to extend the usage of e-bikes since they provide economical, limited-emission, clean energy, and healthful travel.

The first thirteen applicants in the project received thirteen e-bikes. Helmets, lights, lockers, informative brochures, and the CanBikeCO trip monitoring software were distributed to participants.

Moreover, one-on-one e-bike coaching and instructional workshops on riding rules were also provided to participants.

This program aimed to assist in the sustainable reopening of the economy while progressing toward objectives such as boosting telecommuting, promoting the use of e-bikes, and rendering roadways available to walkers, bikers, and general merchandise users.

The state of Colorado is currently preparing for a second offer. More than 100 e-bikes worth $560,000 are expected to be given away in this program.

How to get a free electric bike?

2. Community Choice Aggregation’s $1,000 E-Bike Voucher Program

The community choice movement has now been exercising its muscles, with community choice supplier Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) in California serving as an example. Thanks to the new initiative, Sonoma Clean Power customers who satisfy income demand will get $1,000 off purchasing a new e-bike.

Purchasers that are fit for LIHEAP, CARE/FERA (state programs operated by PG&E that give lower energy rates), CalFresh, Head Start, and other income-based aid programs can register for $1,000 rebates on an e-Bike purchase. Buyers who have been accepted can use the rebates to buy products at certified shops.

The community choice initiative is based on the premise that local authorities may push their firms to include more renewable power in their balance and collectively bargain for their consumers. In the case of the electric bicycle giveaway, community choice aggregation is trying to expand the number of ways to boost community assistance initiatives.

The $1,000 coupon might get you a free electric bike based on the brands and companies joining the program. The voucher scheme is unique because it renders electric transportation more accessible to a broader range of consumers.

3. Ampler challenge for free electric bicycles

Ampler gives a free electric bike to those who complete a 1000km test ride task. If you’re one of the fortunate people picked to perform a 1000km test ride challenge, Ampler will reward you with the e-bike they provided for your achievement.

Ampler is a company based in Berlin. It makes discreet electric bikes that resemble a high-end touring bike. Like so many other electric bicycle firms, the firm started five years ago on Indiegogo. Since then, they have expanded from founding members to 30 staff members and now offer three distinct e-bike models.

Since the firm promotes its electric bicycles for commuting and long-distance travel, they conduct an annual Ampler Challenge where selected e-bike riders get a chance to win a free electric bike.

Ampler has recently extended its offer to the general public; the only requirement is that you have to be a European. Your course is up to 1000 kilometers long, with a minimum distance of 500 kilometers. Ampler will give a bike, lodging along the route, and assistance to the fortunate selected ones, and if they complete the trip, they will get to retain the bike.

Ampler is trying to promote electric bikes as a valid green substitute to vehicles, especially over long ranges, claiming that pedaling an e-bike emits 12 times less CO2 per kilometer than driving a car.

It would help if you hurried to get your hands on a free electric bike.

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How much does the electric bike cost?

An electric bike can cost anywhere from $600 to more than $8000. Most e-bikes, on the other hand, start at about $1500 and then go up from that. Electric bicycles that are good quality and accomplish what you want them to do begin anywhere around 2,000 dollars. When it comes to very high-performance e-bikes, you should expect to pay somewhere around $5,000 to $20,000 for one.

How to choose the right price electric bike?

Perhaps the most crucial question you should ask yourself while researching different electric bicycles on the marketplace is what you intend to use the bicycle for. An electric road bike or combo is the best option if you mainly want to use the bike on the highway. You wouldn’t need a touring bike for that. Apart from that, if you plan on riding in the snow, dirt, or rough terrain, you’ll most likely need a fat-tire e-bike.

There are several different types of electric bikes available in various classes. Sporty, commuting, and racing are all words that come to mind when thinking of this electric car. Choose the electric bike that best suits your needs. Look for e-bikes with the capacity and qualities you want from authorized companies.

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Is electric bike legal in India?

The ARAI must approve All-electric cars in India. Electric Vehicles with less than 250W and a top speed of less than 35 km/h do not need accreditation. Thus they do not have to go through the complete testing procedure.

Instead, they must get an exclusion certificate from ARAI. On the other hand, more powerful cars must go through a complete testing system following CMVR guidelines. This might cost time and money, but it ensures that Electric Vehicles are safe and dependable.

The Regional Transport Offices do not issue these restrictions, and bikers are not obliged to get a driver’s license, require insurance, or wear helmets. All electric bikes manufactured in India that do not necessitate a license or registration follow the ARAI criteria.

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Final Thoughts

Electric bicycles are becoming more trendy by the day. However, they are not cheap, and a low-income person cannot afford to buy them. But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of his owning an e-bike in the future. There are a few ways for him to get a free electric bicycle with little or no effort.

We did our best in this article to inform you about all of the opportunities you can avail yourself of to get a free e-bike. We hope this guide will enlighten your mind to make a better decision for yourself while choosing an E-bike.

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