How much does an electric bike battery cost?

When people hear the term “electric bicycle,” the first thing that comes to their mind could be a scooter or an electric motorbike; however, the two are quite distinct. Consider a standard bicycle, and then add various electronic components to it, such as a battery, a motor, and a regulator, all of which are smoothly incorporated into the design. These components are common to all e-bikes.

Electric bicycles, alike electric scooters and automobiles, rely on batteries to function. And the battery, which is the most expensive part of an e-bike, accounts for the majority of its value. It is usually worth roughly 30% to 40% of the bicycle’s price, therefore it makes a huge cost difference. It is, nevertheless, susceptible to the adverse effects of use and strain, like any component. So, you’ll have to change the battery pack at some point, because either it’s broken or it’s too old. It’s good to note that these items have a life span.

So, knowing the price of an electric bike battery is important whether you’re intending to purchase a new cell for a new electric bicycle construction or upgrading an old battery in an old electric bike.

In this article, we’ll talk about how much does an electric bike battery cost. So, let’s get down to business.

How much does an electric bike battery cost?

An average electric bicycle battery ranges from $400 to $800. Most often, the price of e-bike batteries is determined by the brand, and model of the battery. Lithium batteries are found in a huge range of electric bicycles. These batteries have a number of benefits over all other sorts of batteries, such as nickel-metal hydride, and lead-acid.

It’s worth noting that significant brand batteries are normally more expensive than off-brand ones. As a result, non-name brand vendors of different quality might provide inexpensive batteries.

Well-known electric bike battery brands, and their cost

Batteries for e-bikes are manufactured by a number of companies, each with its own brand, and degree of excellence. This also implies that you should look into your wallet and determine what works best for you.

Bosch Brand Battery Pack

Bosch is among the most well-known e-bike battery brands. They’re known all around the world for producing high-quality items that will last for several years. The cost of a Bosch pack ranges from $675 to $925.

When you buy a Bosch battery, you’re receiving excellent quality lithium-ion packs, and a smart battery management system (BMS) that keeps the batteries healthy by preventing overheating, in addition to a brand’s name, and manufacturer’s guarantee.

Shimano STEPS Battery

Another famous electric bike manufacturer is Shimano. Shimano Steps components are accessible from different electric bike manufacturers. They come in three different battery sizes: 418 Wh, 504 Wh, and 630 Wh, with a range of more than 185 kilometers on a single battery charge.

Panasonic E-Bike Battery Prices

Panasonic is an electronic goods behemoth that manufactures goods, and accessories for a variety of sectors.

Panasonic is a prominent Tesla partner that has assisted the company in drastically increasing battery manufacturing rates in its Gigafactories throughout the world. So it’s safe to say they’re the world’s leading provider of lithium batteries, which lends them a great deal of support because they’re credited for drastically boosting lithium-ion battery manufacturing, lowering costs, and growing acceptance of technology.

Panasonic is an e-bike battery provider to a number of companies, including Giant, one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers. Panasonic provides four distinct battery models, each with a variety of energy capabilities.

Off-brand batteries

However, if you don’t want to spend loads of money on an e-bike battery replacement, you may always hunt for a less expensive battery. We recommend looking for a non-brand battery, but then don’t skimp on the battery reliability.

Therefore, you must take into account that the cheaper an e-bike battery is, the lesser your hopes should be. There is a significant connection between the two.

The majority of these low-cost batteries are made in China, and you may locate them by approaching the dealers personally. China, unlike Japan, and Korea does not have a good track record of delivering high-quality 18650 batteries.

Furthermore, also remember that these Chinese battery packs may not have the same massive production value as “credible brands,” since they may be created from replica cells or recycled materials. As a result, efficiency is typically subpar, and battery life is typically shortened.

So all we can say is that these battery cells can be really troublesome at times, particularly in terms of flammability.

How Do You Pick The Right Battery For Your E-Bike?

Every e bike is unique, with a removable battery that corresponds to its specifications. As a result, you cannot use any of the available electric bike batteries on your e-bike; instead, you must pick one based on battery voltage, battery capacity, and projected capacity. As a result, while looking for a replacement battery, you should verify the old model of your battery pack to discover its capacity and voltage, and then utilize these characteristics to choose one.

Battery Specifications for ElectricBikes:

  • Maximum Capacity (Wh)
  • Rated Capacity (W)
  • Nominal Capacity (Ah)
  • Voltage input (V)

What’s in the Electric Bike Battery?

Typical electric bikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are made up of two components: lithium-ion cells, and a BMS (Battery Management System) that monitors the battery’s condition.

Battery Cells

Small source cells are often placed in the 18650 configuration in the standard e-bike battery system. These cells are somewhat bigger than an AA battery, and their dimension of 18mm x 65mm gives them their title. Because of their higher battery capacity, and discharge rates, they are employed in high-drain devices. They normally carry a 1.5Volts charge as well. However, their capacity ranges from 3200 to 350 mAh.

To build up a big battery, the tiny cells are frequently stacked in series or in parallel. Since we need to consider battery capacity and voltage, the exact number of cells placed may differ from what we intended. It’s also important to consider the sort of arrangement.

What is a Battery Management System (BMS)?

Most of these electric bike battery brands also have an inbuilt BMS (battery management system), that helps maintain the different sub-packs inside a larger battery properly aligned, extending the battery’s life. It aids charging (by controlling the amount of current that can be pulled from the battery), and discharging (by controlling the number of amps that could be pulled from the battery).

This system is critical because it controls the amount of current flowing through the cell when it is charging as well as when it is in usage. Certain Battery Management Systems can monitor the heat of the batteries, which can help avoid harm caused by the overheating of the system.

A few BMSs can link to your cellphone via Bluetooth, providing you with a comprehensive picture of your battery state.

How long do electric bike battery last?

A battery’s lifespan is commonly measured in charge cycles. That implies you can estimate how many full cycles the battery can withstand before it loses its effectiveness. It’s worth noting that a full charge cycle is not simply “any recharging,” but the entire range from 0 to 100%.

An electric bike battery can often withstand hundreds of full charge cycles. But, the exact number will be determined by the type of cell you are running, and also the battery’s general upkeep. You can calculate a battery’s endurance in miles by counting the total number of cycles till it reaches 80 percent capacity by the range of each charge.

The far more essential thing to remember regarding battery lifespan is that high-quality battery packs survive a long time, whereas low-quality batteries do not. The price of a cell is typically directly proportional to its quality.

As a result, we can say that the more costly batteries have a longer lifetime, but cheaper batteries have a shorter lifetime. Generally after 3-5 years of use, the battery’s efficiency starts reducing.

Lithium ion batteries are normally the best batteries out there for an electric bicycle, if the battery is of inferior quality, it’ll have a limited life period, and then it would be more cost effective to purchase a lead-acid battery that has a long life time.

How To Extend the Life of an Electric Bike Battery? 

Although each ebike battery has a varied life expectancy, taking proper care of them could assist them last as long as it takes. Since batteries do not adapt well enough to heat, so keeping the bicycle in a cool, and dry place will extend its life. 

Always charge the e-bike battery with the provided adapter, and charger.  This will prevent difficulties caused by overcharging along with harm caused by short-circuiting.

Allow the battery to cool before charging it, and also avoid using it right after the recharging. Do not wait until the battery is completely discharged before charging it, and once you do, make absolutely sure that it is properly charged.

Another thing to remember is that electricity and water do not mix, therefore you shouldn’t wipe the battery with steam pressure. Rather, use a moist cloth, and clean the battery clean of any dirt, filth, or grit.

How to replace an electric bike battery?

Many brands offer batteries for replacement for their e bikes, and it’s vital to be aware about how simple is the battery replacement while buying an ebike. Some batteries are integrated into the chassis and require a significant amount of effort to remove, and change. Others may simply be clipped out from the chassis or back rack and replaced with ease.

One downside of a purpose-built ebike is that you are usually locked in to the company’s battery replacement box, which is usually fairly pricey compared to more general options. If you construct your own electric bicycle from the scratch using a conversion kit or by hand-assembling the components, you get a lot more options when it comes to the battery you employ, its reliability, capacity, and, eventually, pricing.

Is it ok to replace with a used e bike battery?

While new alternatives are wonderful when your electric bicycle’s battery needs to be replaced or you want to restart with a new one, not everybody has the financial means to replace the e bike’s battery. If the battery of your e bike fails and a replacement becomes must, one best option is to purchase an already used battery.

Purchasing used batteries can be intimidating since they can have a variety of issues, and there are very few methods to determine how much of the battery has been used before purchasing it.

A vendor may say that the battery has been used far less than it actually was, or the battery may have difficulties retaining a charge, which you will not notice until it’s far too late. What is the cause for the battery’s sale, you should exercise caution, and ask for clarification before making a purchase.

Although there are some dubious used batteries on the market, there are certain advantages to purchasing a used electric bike battery rather than a new one. The most important benefit is that you could save a significant amount of money.

When the battery’s lifespan has already been used up to a certain extent, it will be substantially less expensive. Another advantage would be your contribution in the waste reduction by using up the remainder of the battery’s life rather than discarding it.

Final verdict

You should have a fair understanding of the cost of an electric bike battery whether you want to change the battery or motorize your ordinary bike utilizing an e-bike conversion kit. As you know that the battery is the most expensive bike item, and that you would have to change it at some point.

There are several versions of e bike batteries available, each with a distinct price range. A standard electric bike battery costs roughly $500, and seems to last two to three years on average. However, you can’t just utilize any of the available batteries for your electric bike.  You may only replace the new battery with an appropriate one, as we stated in this article.

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