Can You Charge an Ebike with a Portable Charger?

Electric bikes can be immense fun, you can take them anywhere you like and ride as long as you want if you have sufficient battery. The majority of electric bikes can easily go for fifty miles and even more, in one charge owing to the lithium-ion batteries.

However, the idea that there is a limit on the charge in your electric bike battery is enough to induce a mini panic attack.

Can You Charge an Ebike with a Portable Charger?

What if you get stuck somewhere and the electric bike gives up on you. It can completely ruin your camping or trip plans and leave you in a bind.

Therefore, it never hurts to know if or how to charge an e-bike on the go. This has birthed another main question and topic of discussion among e-bike riders can they charge an electric bike with a portable charger?

Yes, you can charge your e-bike with a portable charger and there are many options like solar power, car battery, and a power bank. You just need to know a few essential things about how to charge an e-bike when camping or on the road and have fun anywhere you go.

In this article, we will go into deep detail about changing your e-bike with various portable options like power bank, solar power, and car battery. Moreover, we will tell you all about everything you need to know in tackling all these options. So sit back, relax and get ready to dive in.

General Ebike Information

Before we dive into how you can take advantage of different portable chargers for your e-bike, let’s discuss the basics first.

These will help you understand your ebike battery better and how much power it needs. You will be able to get better educated on the charging needs so you can easily charge your e bike.

Amps Drawn by Electric Bikes

As ebikes use lithium batteries, the general rule for an electric bike is to typically draw 15 amps therefore, it becomes critical that whatever charger you use, it can meet these requirements.

To make things easier you can further multiply amps with the volts if you want to get the results in watts. This way you will know the essential watts you need for your ebike to charge off the grid.

Amps Drawn by Electric Bikes

It is highly recommended that you check your e bike’s battery and find out the amps it draws and how many watts it needs. Please note that all batteries can vary that’s why we cannot give you a final definitive answer.

General Voltage of E Bikes

Generally, electric bikes come with 36 volts as it enables them to last longer while providing all the pedal power. The more volts there are, the longer your electric battery will last and be very easy to control as you enjoy your road trip.

Nonetheless, Remember that high-voltage electric bikes can take a longer time for getting fully charged and these factors need to be kept in mind while you embark on your journey.

Many electric bikes can even go very low (24 volts) but it also depends on how much power you might be needing for your road trip and how quickly your battery depletes.

Charging The Electric Bike From Solar Panels

Wondering if you can use the amazing solar panel technology to your advantage when your battery dies? Yes, you can. You can utilize a solar panel for charging the ebike’s battery with a few cables and a charge controller. If you are away on e bike camping or any other activities for a few days and need your ebike then solar panels can be a great option.

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While you can’t exactly take the solar panel on your e bike, we will explain how you can charge it. What you would do is grab the solar panel for charging the battery when you get back to a base you establish.

Furthermore, you can have a foldable solar panel and take it with you in some storage space on your bike. Such solar panels have been gaining much popularity for they are very lightweight yet highly effective and do the job perfectly.

The best thing about choosing a portable solar panel for battery charge is how it grants you total and ample freedom. You don’t have to worry about needing any power outlets and can freely go anywhere you want knowing you have all the necessities.

How It Works

Now we will walk you through how you can charge your e-bike battery with a solar panel and enjoy the journey stress-free.

You will only need to be mindful of a few critical elements and the rest will be easy.

Charge Controller

For a smooth solar panel charge, you will need to have a charge controller as one of the essentials. Understand this, the e bike is not exactly going to charge straight from the solar panel, few mediums will make the task possible.

You need the charge controller to be connected between your e bike and the solar panel. It regulates the amps and voltage that come from the solar panel and into your battery. It is what lets the battery charge up from all the power produced from the mighty solar panel.

A charge controller is necessary for regulating the solar panel’s power output. Why? Because electric bike batteries are not equal. Owing to the fact of batteries have different amps and voltages when using a controller, one needs to adjust the amperage and voltage output manually to match the e bike’s battery.

Remember, getting the right voltage is of chief importance.

Note that you will damage the battery if the power from the solar panel far surpasses your battery’s needs. Therefore, be extra careful. There are some amazing charge controllers out there that connect with your smartphone and you can control the details.

Connectors are Key

For connecting the solar panels to a charge controller, a solar connector cable pair is the need. Solar panels have a pair of cables on them, one is the positive connection while the other is negative.

Now, these cables that come out from the solar panel typically retain MC4 connectors. You can then have the solar connectors connect these cables with your charge controller.

Solar connectors are solar PV wires carrying the MC4 connector at one end with stripped at the other. The MC4 end will go with the MC4 connector that is attached to the solar panel’s cables.

However, the stripped end will go to the charge controller’s PV terminal. The charge controller has two PV terminals with one positive and the other negative.

Now the plan is to connect the positive PV terminal of the charge controller with the positive end of the cables that come out of the solar panel and the same will be the case with the negative end.

Get All the Sun

The important thing to remember here is that the more sun your solar panel gets, the more it will give power to your e-bike’s battery. Therefore, let the solar panel soak all the sun for it will only benefit you later.

Therefore the best and highly effective time for utilizing the solar panel is midday, for this is when the sun is at its best. The closer to the midday you use the solar power, the quicker the battery can charge.

Moreover, be mindful of how you position the solar panel, it should face the sun directly. Prop it, tilt it, do what is necessary to get that sun.

How to Charge Ebike From Car?

Next up, let’s talk about using a car battery and juicing up your electric bike. Is it possible? Absolutely. But just like the solar panels, you will need some important stuff and a little education to execute this without a hitch.

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The first thing you need is an inverter which is the most central part of this whole thing.

All About Inverter

A car battery inverter is a critical component because it smoothly converts a car battery’s DC to AC current and this is precisely what e bikes need for charging. Therefore, charging your e bike battery from a car battery is possible via the inverter.

How it Works

Let’s get down to business. Connect the inverter to your car battery with a crocodile clip or some cables. You should utilize battery cables with positive cables that have a 10 amp fuse on them. This can protect the car’s battery from any possible damage.

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Ensure to connect the positive and negative battery cables correctly. Then plug your e bike battery charger right into the inverter. Voila, your electric bike will begin charging. However, remember that the inverter’s voltage must match the necessary AC voltage of your e bike.

The Testing

It is noteworthy that there is a very probable risk of you destroying and running the car battery flat while charging the e bike batteries. Therefore it is important that we cover this issue too.

If your battery runs flat then your car will be idle. Therefore you need the alternator and battery testing. You can have the battery and alternator tester going on while you charge your e bike. And you can do this by using crocodile clips, too.

Car batteries compel a minimum of 12.6 volts for starting the car and the tester will keep you informed about the remaining voltage in your car battery as you charge your ebike. Therefore this tester is important and you need to keep checking on it because while the car battery can charge your ebike, you don’t want to destroy the former.

Ensure that your car battery does not drop below the required voltage or you will not be able to start your car.

Some inverters already take care of this problem. They have certain features that enable them to turn off before the car battery goes too low in voltage.

Charging Electric Bike Battery with a Power Bank

When talking about charging on the go, we can never forget power banks. Therefore we have made sure to include them in our article and tell you how things work if you want to choose this route. If you choose to go off-grid with your e bike adventure then a power bank can be a good choice as a power source.

How It Works

A power bank stores power inside it which you can later use to charge your electric bike battery. Therefore a power bank can surely charge your electric bike only if the current is bigger than the bike’s battery wattage pull.

To explain it simply, let’s take an example. For instance, if your ebike battery requires 650W, then you need to grab a power bank that has 1000W power. Alternatively, if your e bike battery demands 1000W, then the best course of action is to choose a power bank with a little more power, say 1500W or more.

It is important to note these details before you mindlessly charge a power bank and take it with you. It must be larger in power if it is to be of help to you.

Important Tips

Below are some important things that you need to be careful of if you want to know how to charge your ebike battery when camping without any issues.

Power Reserve

You need to make sure your power bank is fully juiced up and ready to go before you choose this method for your e bike charging. What will be the point of taking a power bank if it doesn’t even have enough power to last you in tough times?

Always check your power bank’s power reserve before you head out. Make sure it is loaded and will suffice you. No one wants to be stuck in situations where they have the necessary tools sitting idle.

Remember that power banks are prone to losing their charging so you need to be extra cautious and always check them before you go camping or hit the road.

Easy Charging

The best thing about power banks is how easy it is to charge them anytime anywhere! You can plug them in a car, a power outlet, or even with a solar panel and get them all loaded for you. Any chance you get at any stop, load up your power bank because they tend to deplete naturally.


With all said and done, you will be happy to know that there are many ways to charge your e bike battery on the go. You just need a little bit of understanding and the necessary tools and you are good to go.

We hope this article helps answer all your questions and we wish you all the best in your next electric bike adventures. Remember to be extra mindful about the charging matters so you can fully enjoy and relax in your time away. Everything you could need to know, we have already detailed.

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