Can you put a basket on an electric bike?

Electric bikes are a definite hit. They have become so popular in such a short time due to their ease of usage, less exertion, and more power with the pedaling that everyone has gone gaga over them. A world of possibilities has also opened to the riders with electric bikes.

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They can now ride to work, and school, enjoy running errands, doing groceries, shopping, taking a road trip and so much more without getting tired. But in all these activities, you require a bit of luggage to carry with you. Having a backpack with sagging pockets lugging with you on an e bike can not only feel tiresome, but it can make the e bike feel a little bulky. So what to do? You might wonder can you put a basket on an electric bike?

Absolutely yes! You can put a bike basket or stuff like a trunk bag, or trolley tote bag on bikes. Not only are there so many basket and rack options, but it is very easy to install the stuff on a bike for extra gear.

Today we will explain everything from putting a basket on your bike, how to do it, and all the advantages of a bike basket. So sit back and let us do all the talking.

Electric Bike and Bike Baskets

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Baskets or panniers have always been associated with regular bicycles. You see someone joyfully riding their cycle with a cute basket with a telescoping handle or racks in front and rear of the bike. It gives the bicycle an elevated look and is highly practical. So you will be happy to know that of course, electric bikes are no different. It is rather easy to install on them. Hint: it’s all about the handlebars!

Choosing a Basket for Electric Bikes

Now that you are pumped with the idea of your bike having a basket, there are some things you need to understand to make your bike basket experience more fun. You need to first understand what kind of storage you need, and how much weight you will carry. It is easy to get carried with ideas, but it is always important to think practical.

That’s why we are here to help you make wise and logical decisions instead of going out on a whim and ending up with baskets that may not be useful to you at all, rather it will just create more problems.

There before you get to buying, you must know what type of baskets there are and which will serve your needs best.

What’s the Mission

Why get a storage accessory? If your main mission is all about just the occasional trip to your corner store and you don’t want to have to lug bags then you don’t need massive baskets with big weight. A nice, light, weight, and sleek one with limited space will suffice you with such a load. Models like Biria City could be a great option giving you an easy removal front basket or you can search more. You can have your precious cargo, your shopping, or even your everyday laptop bag/ backpack.

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However, if you plan on handling bigger things then it is best to have wider options like panniers carrying all your things. For this, you can consider the Wald bike basket
as a stylish accessory that will suffice you better. It has a comfortable and wide design that allows for more luggage without affecting the bike’s balance and it attaches easily.

The Weight

Wild discussing bike basket considerations we cannot forget the importance of the weight. If you need more load hauling and room then you might need to consider having a rear basket and the importance of racks because the back of your bike can handle more load and it will not impact your bike’s balance or wheel as you ride.

If you get a front basket above the fender that surpasses the weight the front can handle then you will have trouble riding and keeping the bike’s balance. Therefore think wisely about all these aspects before you decide to buy a basket or rack for your bike and are ready to roll.

With a rear basket that mounts with a rear rack, you can take much bigger loads and handle your electric bike smoothly too.

It’s Important

Once you have all these details down, then you can go ahead and search the market to see which basket fits your budget and your specifications. You need to further see if the basket matches your bike’s aesthetic because you don’t want any accessories to stick out like a sore thumb. Search for something useful and stylish.

Having a good caring capacity is important in a bike basket, but you also need to factor in some other details as we mentioned above.

Attaching the Basket

Now let’s talk about how you can mount your basket at the front of your electric bike or the back. The choice is up to you but we will detail both steps so you can choose whichever.

The basket at the Front

Mounting the bike basket or pannier at the front of your electric bike is super simple and easy, but it still required your full attention and careful consideration. Let’s dive in.

What You Need


Find a sturdy and lightweight basket that matches your bike and takes care of whatever you need to pack.

Zip ties

They are important to affixing the basket to the electric bike so it can stay snugly with your bike and does not come off

The Process

Time to get to work. Mount the basket to your handlebars with the help of zip ties and ensure that you tie them securely. But if you have a basket that comes with a lid then ensure to connect it to your bike high enough so you can access the lid. Pass your zip tie through any opening on the basket’s side and then loosely fix your basket to the bike’s handlebars.

Remember that you must not cinch your zip ties very tight or too snug just yet. You have to ensure that the basket is not coming in the way of any brake cables or hindering your steering. This can be very dangerous. After you are satisfied that the basket is now in a secure place and free of any hindrances then you can tighten it up with the zip ties so it does not fall or come loose after mounting and carries whatever gear you want.

Attaching at The Rear

To take care of bigger stuff as you ride on your bike and go about your way, you need to have a rear basket instead of a front one. However, for that, you need to do things a little differently and get something called a rear rack that will support your basket or storage accessory.

Keep reading as you walk through the things required and the process for installing your rare basket successfully on your electric bike.

What You Need

Basket/Trunk Bag

Find a wide and spacious basket that could haul bigger and more things for you.

Removable Rear Rack Mount

A rear rack mount will act as a place for your basket to sit on. Pick the model that goes with your electric bike as there are many options out there.


Once you find the right position for the rack you can mount it in securely with screws.

The Process

Get your electric bike in a stationary position so you can get to work. Be very careful with the rear basket process because it requires you to affix two things and therefore both of them have to be done accurately.

Attach the removable rack to your electric bike’s seat post and then fasten your screws, but hold on just now, no need to tighten things up. Adjust the height as you want and attach the sidebars of the rack to the seat. Once you are satisfied with it all then go ahead and tighten all the screws.

Now grab your bike basket or trunk bag and fix it to the rack. Grab any zip ties you might need to tighten things up snugly. Ensure that your basket does not get in the way of your bike’s steering and wheels otherwise it will hinder you. Make sure nothing is getting in the way with your basket mounted.

Securing Items

Now that you found your perfect basket and attached it to your bike whether er the front or at the back, let’s discuss another important part: securing the items that are in the basket. You don’t want to put things in your basket and the moment you speed up your electric bike all the items in the basket topple over and fall all over the place therefore you must think about some security for the items. Don’t worry we are here to cover all bases.

Below are different options you can choose from to make sure your items stay in the bike basket.

Bungee Cords

The bungee cords have proven to be great at securing Items of all kinds and they are very easy to use, too. All you have to do is just clip one end of your bungee cord to the one corner then clip to the opposite. Do this on the remaining corners until your bungee cords are forming an X and all over your items. You can rest assured the cord hooks it all in one place.

Zip Ties

Again, zip ties are another fantastic option when it comes to securing or attaching items that you don’t want moving. These tiny bit might and fairly indestructible strips can very easily tie from one corner to another and will secure both the accessories and your items inside it. For securing your items, all you have to do is weave them through your basket and then over your items. Finally, pull tight, and voila!

Benefits of Bike Basket on Mountain Bike

Oh bike basket, how many ways can we praise thee? It is no secret that having more carrying capacity and storage on an e-bike is always going to be a people pleaser. Wherever you head out, you don’t have to worry about holding on to your things as you speed up or are in a crowded space. Place your cargo in and you are good to go. Below are some of the benefits of why you should consider a bike basket for your e bike.

Enjoy Some Lunch

If you ever watched one of those French movies you will remember how they put delicious food in the bicycle baskets and then find a serene spot to enjoy lunch.

Riding with Your Pal

While you are not suggested to carry people around with you on your electric bike, we are talking pets. Get your furry or feline pal and place them in your bike basket. Of course, your basket should be snug and secure for your little guy. Go for a trip and take them with you on this refreshing little journey. Make sure you have quick and easy access to your pet.

If you have an extra exuberant and active pet then it might not be the best idea to place them in your basket for they might jump around. Also, remember your electric bike’s weight limit.

Easy Carrying

Grab your wallet, and phone and put them in the basket. All those grocery bag woes, running errands will be much easier now that you have the carrying capacity with sturdy accessories like a rear rack or front basket that easily mounts and attaches to your bike. Pack tools or gear you want to carry on your road trip.

Enjoy Some Music

You can crank up your music in your relaxing journey and place the phone inside your basket. No worrying about fiddling with air pods or earphones in your pockets while riding


A sturdy bike basket is always a yes and considering how easy it is to place it on your electric bike more and more people gravitate towards getting accessories mounted on their electric bike.

We hope this article answers all your concerns and you can have a good time finding your perfect basket in the market and then riding around with it attached.


I am Aman Dwivedi. I am a self-proclaimed e-bike enthusiast. I love nothing more than spending my days researching, testing, and writing about all things electric bike related. From the latest e-bike models to the best accessories and conversion kits, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get people riding electric bikes. Whether it's helping people find the perfect e-bike for their needs or sharing my latest electric bike adventures, I am passionate about getting more people riding electric bikes and loving it!

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