Are Electric Bikes Safe? Everything To Know

Everybody loves e-bikes. There is just something about their easy riding with zero exhaustion for the rider that gives a fun sense of freedom. This is why their popularity keeps soaring and more people keep showing interest in purchasing them.

However, if something is too good, there is bound to be some stuff you should be mindful of and one such aspect is the safety concern with e-bikes. So people think they might be dangerous as many injuries and accidents have been reported to occur from e-bike riding.

So, is an e-bike safe to ride? Are electric bikes more dangerous?

E-bikes are as safe and secure as any other vehicle. What matter is how you are riding your bike and if you are being mindful of the rules of riding on one. It depends on the rider and the precautions they take as a responsible individual.

We will explain this issue further with a little bit of explaining. We will dive deep into all of that. Keep reading to find all the answers.  

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Are E-bikes Dangerous?

Of course, there are always some risks to activities that involve speed, pedestrians, traffic, or varying trail and road conditions and e-bikes come as no exception to the rule. You can never negate the possibility of any accidents or injuries if you are riding on a speedy vehicle and think no rules apply to you.

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One has to always be mindful and careful of their surroundings, especially when riding a bike. So why are electric bikes bad? Recent studies have shed light on the fact that while there is no clear verdict of yes or no on e-bikes being more dangerous, they however may pose a few risks and dangers.

They can impact both the rider and the pedestrians and we will talk in detail about that. 

E-bike Riding-Risks and Dangers

Below we will discuss all the possible dangers that can be associated with e-bike riding. Please note that in any accident or risky situation, it has more to do with how one rides rather than the mode of transportation.

The e-bike itself is not some evil construction that could be dangerous to society, it is more about how it is utilized and if the rider is choosing to be safe and conscious with their choices while on an electric bike. 

Gotta Pay Attention to Pedestrians

Bikes, in general, are not particularly famous for being noisy modes of transportation. Sans the sounds of a combustion engine, some unaware pedestrians could potentially find themselves skating very close to a bike and only hear it coming once they miss it by a few inches.

But when we talk about electric bikes, things can take a very different route and may even escalate the situation. E-bikes come with some good power and battery assistance which gives them enhanced speeds and better performance yet still no noise.

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Some e-bikes can be silent. The lack of any noise or warning from an electric vehicle can pose a certain danger for pedestrians who remain unaware until it might be too late.

Therefore, in this aspect, it does seem a little risky to ride an e-bike if you aren’t sure you would be good at maneuvering it and keeping it away from the folks walking alongside. 

The Speed and Power

It is no secret that e-bikes come with much improvement in speed and power as compared he general bikes. While you might not be leaving skid marks on the asphalt anytime soon, the battery assistance does give the e-bike a certain boost that cannot be done manually.

It might even tempt you to jump on uneven terrains and up some steep hills. But stop! Handling an e-bike and its various speeds and throttle can be very tricky for those new to it. You cannot just decide one day to up and begin cycling on an e-bike.

You need to learn how the vehicle works, and how to handle it, and then you must practice. Otherwise, it can be very easy to sustain some serious injuries if you are clueless as to how to handle the e-bike while riding. Never make that mistake. 

Battery Issues

Sure everyone curious about e-bikes has seen or heard about the incidents and the clips where the battery catches fire. And yes that sounds and looks extremely terrifying. But hold on a minute and let us break it all down for you.

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The e-bike batteries that caught fire were those that were either homemade or the owner did not maintain them properly. E-bikes come with lithium batteries and while they are highly combustible, they will only present a danger if you fail to care for them. Or worse, you jerry-rig a homemade battery.

Yes, that has happened so never assume you can create your battery unless you are a true master at it. Even then, please don’t take the risk and only get batteries from reputed companies.

Ignoring Traffic Rules

You must have heard what they say about the main issue with vehicle accidents- you will find the fault between the wheel and the seat. Such is also the case with e-bikes and any dangers they might bring, it is all about how cautious riders are in making choices.

Riders can sometimes be completely oblivious to the fundamentals of traffic rules and can put themselves plus others in danger. You might not even realize how many rules you could be breaking as you merely ride away on your e-bike.  

Motorcycle drivers go through tests and need to pass exams for lawful driving, no such laws or rules come for cycling though.  Riders can often ignore signs like stop, red lights, caution while crossing, and such priorities. This can lead to serious risks and injury.

Studies demonstrate how many e-bike riders simply run the red lights without a second thought. 

Safe E-bike Riding-Tips and Precautions

As we discuss the possible dangers of e-bike sets we walk you through, all you can do to ensure your safety. Below are some tips that can help you ride e-bikes safely.

Safety First

It should go without saying that you would be surprised how many people go without basic safety equipment and risk their lives. Always wear your helmet no matter what type of bike you are riding.

Mishaps don’t announce themselves and accidents surely never come with a warning. It is up to you to always protect your life. Imagine, you lose control, your e-bike is stuck in some throttle position with a failing front fork, and you will fall headfirst into the hard ground.

You always want to make sure you keep your face and head fully protected because those are the most threatened parts while riding. 

Light ’em Up!

It doesn’t matter if you are driving a regular bike or an e-bike, the risk of a vehicle not seeing you on the road is always very high, especially at night. It is best to always avoid such disastrous situations by having ample reflectors and light on the e-bike.

You could even go for a blinking or flashing light which is available in white or red. Another smart way would be to put reflecting stickers on the wheels and body of your bike.  

While having lights is good, it is pointless if they don’t work. Always ensure they work fine before you head out because if they aren’t serving their purpose, then why bother?

Anyone would be fuming and furious if they were halfway through their trip only to learn that they have a broken or bad backlight.

Stay in Your Lanes

Sure the speed and freedom of an electric bike can make one get carried away and you can go that e same speed as the surrounding traffic. But remember to always be careful that you drive in the lane with other cars.

Staying in the lane is very crucial because that way you are visible to other vehicles and don’t have to worry about any collisions.

This can also make turning or merging rather easy for you. Moreover, as motorists prefer looking inside lanes, nobody’s sight will miss your e-bike.

Always steer clear of the road’s far edges because those are blind spots for the motorbike riders. 

Following the Law

Yes, we touched on this before but it bears repeating. The biggest cause of-bike accidents and injury has to do with rebelling against traffic laws. 

Therefore we deem it important to have this issue mentioned in the precautions. 

So, the best option for riding your e-bike is to think of it like a regular bike or motorbike. If you see some speed limit, follow that. If no right turn is allowed then stick to that warning.

It might sound like little things but trust that they will keep you safe and out of trouble.

Adding a Mirror 

To ensure the maximum safety on your electric bike, you could even up the ante and put a little mirror on it. This can help you a lot in seeing everything behind you clearly and you can maneuver your bike easily.

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It will also aid much while cycling in lanes so you can avoid any accidents.

Battery Care

You must always pay extra attention to your battery for it is the main driving force behind your e-bike. It is best to carry the battery in some metal box as it will keep it safe and secure while you ride. You don’t want to risk it being ruined by coming in contact with pebbles and rocks while you ride.

Some people also use Battery Management System for increasing their safety while riding.  Moreover, let’s not forget the issue of the batteries flaring up as they charge. This happens mostly due to these batteries being unable to handle overcharging. This could also cause combustion.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t empty the battery fully and then try to recharge it for this will harm it. 

E-bike the Right Choice For You?

Not many people pay attention to this aspect but you must choose an e-bike only after careful consideration.

Note that an e-bike is nothing like a traditional bike and this should clue you in about why are electric bikes dangerous because the power and speed are poles apart. Therefore if you are not sure you can handle those speeds then it’s time to rethink your interest in e-bikes.

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Handling one will require quick reflexes and a good ability to handle intense situations. 


With all said and done, how dangerous are electric bikes? The truth is not more than any other vehicle. When it comes to handling electric vehicles, it is all about how you utilize them that is more important. A vehicle on its own cannot do any damage, it needs someone in the seat to make the decisions.

If anything bikes have been fantastic in increasing mobility and giving freedom to so many people. All it takes is some care and caution and you are good to go.

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