A Comparison Guide: Electric Bike or Electric Scooter

With micro-mobility at an all-time high, having your very own personal electric vehicle is the new black. Personal electric vehicles like electric bikes and scooters have paved the way for easier commutes with fewer expenses and hassle. Many people are even replacing car rides with e-bike rides because no one wants to sit through the hours of exhausting traffic if they can do something about it.

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When discussing electric vehicles, you hear both electric bikes and scooters have been thrown into the mix. But the big question is which should you choose? What actually is the difference between an electric bike and an electric scooter anyway? Today, you get all your answers.

Electric bikes, and scooters both are vehicles that do not require licensing and work with electric propulsion. However certain core aspects like speed, price, and portability differ majorly in functionality. And we will touch up on all those topics in this article.

So, sit back and join us for a ride in discovering everything about these two vehicles.

Electric Scooters: A Quick Glance

What is an electric scooter? It is basically a personal electric vehicle and purpose-built mode of conveyance that has electric propulsion. While many electric scooters have the same structure and layout as the standard gas-powered scooters with just a platform that allows for pedaling, now there are many models which look just like motorcycles.

Many of the electric scooters on the smaller side carry pedals classifying them as power-assisted models.

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These vehicles generally have the standard two wheels, but there are few models with three wheels as well. All the electric scooters deal with lead-acid batteries that come embedded in their chassis which one can charge simply by plugging their electric scooter straight into the power source. However, this battery style, adds a certain weight to the scooter making them a bit heavier.

Electric Bikes: A Quick Glance

The electric bike on the other hand is your standard bicycle with a really nice twist. You get an electric boost thanks to the electric motor which gives the throttle. All the electric bikes come with operable pedals, and you can ride them just like a regular bike.


Nowadays most electric bikes work with lithium-ion batteries making them lighter than the conventional lead-acid ones. This means easier to maneuver and control electric bicycles and you can ride around them for hours and you will not feel any exertion. This is one of the many reasons why e-bikes have become such a hot commodity and everybody loves them.

Difference Between Electric Bike, and Scooter:

Do people often jump to questions like which is a better electric bicycle or electric scooter?

So, let us establish something. Both of them are great! The goal is not to declare one supreme and the other lacking. We just want to go into detail about what both these vehicles have to offer in terms of certain elements. That is the best way of educating ourselves on which would be more beneficial to someone according to their needs.

Both these vehicles may have the same core functionality, but they are very different when it comes to some factors. Let’s talk about them more.

Portability Matters

First up, we will talk about the portability aspect.

While this may seem like an obvious thing because scooters are generally smaller, and hence easier to carry around, you will be surprised to know that there are so many electric bikes that come with folding features allowing for easier storage and quick portability. Electric bikes also come with detachable batteries, so when you need to take your e-bike for a trip in your car, you can stow them easily.

folding e-bike


The average electric scooter lies in the 25 to almost 50 pounds realm. of 25 to 50 lb. While there are many e-bikes weighing even less than 40 pounds, and then there are the highly pricey models which weigh far less. Essentially, anything which falls under the 50 pounds mark is deemed ‘light’ in the world of e-bikes. Yet, you won’t find it hard to come across affordable e-bikes weighing over 60 pounds.

The thing is it is not just about the batteries, and motors in these electric vehicles that could add to their weight, the frames, and structures can have a lot to do with bringing more to the weight as well. The sturdier and heftier e-bikes would be heavier to carry for they give more power and performance and you can ride them on rough terrains, and mountains without a hitch.

Nonetheless, you cannot accept this comparison as a dead-set rule. Naturally, there are so many e-scooters that have top speeds and are heavy-duty, too and they can go over even 100 pounds. Folding e-bikes have come a very long way in helping with portability issues, especially for cyclists.


Let’s talk about a really big deciding factor in the e-bike vs scooter showdown: the price. Safe to say this is a factor that can be the biggest deal-breaker because not everyone has so much to spare and invest in an electrical vehicle. But worry not, we will detail it all so you can decide which works for you.

Most electric scooters are in general much more affordable than e-bikes. Sure there are some pricey e-scooters out there, but you will find that in this factor, electric bikes start off with really high price tags to begin with, and that is understandable because of their electrical components and technology.

For an entry-level and decent e-scooter, you can be looking at a price tag beginning from around 500$, and that is if you choose the reputable electric scooter brands. On the contrary, electric bikes are a different story and even a simple one from a good brand can begin from around the 1000$ mark, and it only goes up from there.

So what impacts the price? Let us explain. You will find that price-performance evaluation is very different for both e-bikes and e-scooters

While the electric scooter just became a part of a fresh and recent, but rather unregulated market, the high prices can imply better range and higher speeds. Besides with an e-bike, the battery size and the top speed are the standards, so when you pay more then this translates into better electrical parts, more powerful specs, and lighter weight.

The Speed

We are sure your first thought must have been that of course e-bike is going to take the win with the speed aspect. While yes that is somewhat true, there are a few things pertaining to the speed aspect.

Sure, electric bicycles don’t require licensing, but you do know that they are very heavily regulated and come with certain strict rules for speeding, and electric bicycle companies always abide by those rules to keep things legal. Electric bikes have their class categories and top speed limits of 20mph to 28mph and some States even define the limit at 25mph. However, the electric scooters are less restricted and come with lighter regulations despite having a speed of 22mph.

However, some electric scooters can go to very high speeds but those are merely for show. Legally, one cannot surpass the speed limit defined for electric vehicles.

Get in Some Exercise

For many people, getting an electric vehicle is also mixed with the intention of helping them with their fitness regime. Some folks even buy an electric bicycle for the sole purpose of cycling for exercise. So, what about this aspect? How do the two work here?

Well, clearly this is the no-brainer in our discussion. If you want your commute to act as your exercise then electric bicycles will do that for you. Naturally, if you want to get some exercise benefits from your electric scooter then you can bench press on it or lift it up every day and walk a little because that might be as far as you can go with them.

e-bike for exercise

Although some electric bikes proffer great assistance, they give the choice of an exerting and serious workout with a riding style that allows opting out of the assist feature. Studies have shown that people riding on e-bikes have proven to get more fitness time, but when you get tired you know you can get the assistance back and let your muscles relax.

If you want an extremely grueling workout then you can ride your bike up a steep hill without the assist as well to really get your blood flowing and sweat pouring. The riding styles are at your disposal so choose as you want for more exercise. Unfortunately, with most scooters, you cannot get exercise.

Let’s Talk Range

If you have been waiting on the range factor then here you go.

Electric bikes proffer a much improved and better range even with electric scooters of a similar or close price tag. Compared to scooters you can cover long distances with an electric bike even with average speed thanks to the electric motors and the design of electric bikes.

This is simply due to the fact that you do much of the work with e-scooters as compared to e-bikes. With electric bikes, you get much support so a good and long-range is possible. You will rarely see an electric scooter having a killer range.

Moreover, the e-bikes remain fully functional even if your battery bids farewell to you. Because the electric motor is very efficient, you still reach your destination on your manual power. In this comparison, it can be very tough to use an e-scooter if the battery is drained.


Here’s an aspect many wonders about even more than maybe the price and that is the safety. Do many questions arise where folks wonder which is a safer electric bike or scooter?

What’s a safer e-bike or an E-scooter?

Well both of them are as safe as they can but electric bikes can seem safer. Their gigantic wheels have the ability to brush off any potholes and wheel through debris. You also get much traction, especially on damp roads. Their bigger wheels and the heavy frames further mean more stability and better control.

Furthermore, many people also feel safe on their e-scooters as well. Nonetheless, it can largely depend on what type or model you are riding. There are scooters with bigger tires and very smooth suspension, however, they may be only a handful of them.

While we do believe that our research may not be set in stone on this specific topic however we do think that in safety, electric bicycles do have an edge.

Lawful Usage

At the end of the day, you must abide by all the legal requirements and be as safe as you can while riding in bike lanes on any personal electric vehicles you will be good to go on any of these vehicles.

e-scooter laws


We will end our differentiating list with this last factor: the durability of e-scooters vs e-bikes and it is yet another highly critical element to discuss

E-scooters may have only been the talk of the town for a handful of years, but e-bikes definitely have had more time and attention in their development. If you come across any e-bike issues then your local mechanic can sort it out for you. Furthermore, electric bike manufacturers have endless experience and knowledge therefore all e-bikes are created with more knowledge than traditional bikes so this should give you the relaxation that your vehicle is created with all the research and mastery.

In this domain, e-scooters may not have the most durability because many scooters utilize proprietary electrical parts so bike shops generally lack their replacement parts. Therefore as a general picture, e-scooters don’t seem to hold the same durability level as e-bikes.

Of course, we don’t claim this to be a straight-up and final answer but we can safely put it out there that electric bikes can allow you to expect more durability with better service.

Should I Get an Electric Bike or E-Scooter?

Conclusion: So in the end, what is the verdict? Which should you choose for personal use? Well, that depends on your needs and what kind of commute and usage level you are looking at with your vehicle. So is it worth getting an electric scooter or e-bike? Yes, if your needs align with what it has to offer then absolutely, Both e-bikes and e-scooter are designed for the purpose of ultimate mobility and ease.

Investing in either a scooter or e-bike is going to cost you your hard-earned money therefore, understand what they have to offer individuals and if that can suffice you nicely. You can use the information above to help make your purchasing decision easier. We hope our research helps you out with this endeavor.


I am Aman Dwivedi. I am a self-proclaimed e-bike enthusiast. I love nothing more than spending my days researching, testing, and writing about all things electric bike related. From the latest e-bike models to the best accessories and conversion kits, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get people riding electric bikes. Whether it's helping people find the perfect e-bike for their needs or sharing my latest electric bike adventures, I am passionate about getting more people riding electric bikes and loving it!

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